The wait is over! We know how the story continues, so let's recap episode 14 of Please Come Back, Mister.

       So our Hong-nan was kidnapped, Hae-joon is blaming Jae-gook about it but he denies any involvement, he doesn’t even know what’s going on so he sends his secretary to find out. Hae-joon calls Seung-jae asking about Hong-nan and who could be behind, so he replies Na Suk-chul and thinks where she could be, so he runs there. HE RUNS! Why does nobody take a cab? I’m going to give a car to every single one of them!

Suk-chul is asking for the secret account, showing the video of her taking the picture from the columbarium, but she plays dumb.

After Hae-joon, Lee-yeon comes grabbing Jae-gook by the collar and threatening him for touching Hong-nan. It’s his fault for always being behind, it’s just normal thinking it’s him. She starts crying, asking what she should do to make him stop and leave Hong-nan alone. Break every contract, beg on her knees? He just gets angry. Then the secretary comes informing Suk-chul kidnapped him and he doesn’t look pleased, he asks that thug to be brought to him.

Back to Hong-nan she is still playing dumb, saying she’ll need to talk to Big Boss to find the money but Suk-chul reveals he is dead for good now, and of course it’s his fault. He threatens her, saying he won’t kill her but won’t let her live either. And at that time my love Seung-jae comes kicking asses! GO SAVE HER!

But there are too many and Suk-chul has a hold of Hong-nan, he still fights the best he can against all those thugs and Hong-nan can’t move without being hurt. However, carefully she finds a bit of concrete and slams it against Suk-chul’s head. HELL YEAH! Then she’s fighting, her fists of iron are back! thank goodness.

At home, Da-hye is worried and calls Lee-yeon, wondering about Hong-nan. The actress assures her Hong-nan will be fine. Our Hong-nan is fighting alongside Seung-jae, doing the best they can and throwing awesome punches, but they are being cornered and hit with fists and sticks.

BUT HAE-JOON COMES TO RESCUE! With many of Gi-tak’s men so they charge against the other thugs. Now it’s a fair fight. And he makes his way, rather unceremoniously, towards Seung-jae and Hong-nan, Jae-gil is also there. Hae-joon finally has a look at Suk-chul, who upon meeting eyes with him, escapes. Hong-nan stops him from going after the thug, it’s just pointless when he can’t even fight.

Hong-nan tells Hae-joon, while all her boys wait a few feet behind. that Suk-chul wants the money Big Boss left for him, she also explains why Suk-chul hates Gi-tak so much, after being the one Big Boss trusted. The secret account number is safe, and without Gi-tak there, it naturally passes over to the remaining family: Da-hye. But she won’t be safe if she gets that money and Suk-chul is after it. They agree they can’t tell her yet.

Then Hong-nan and her boys go to give their respect to Big Boss and she says out loud, in Gi-tak’s name, that no one should seek revenge. Be good, boys, and don’t do anything stupid, stick by the law.

Then they are back home (Gi-tak’s place) and Lee-yeon runs to hug her, relieved she’s there. Hong-nan says she could never die and leave her behind.

Hae-joon also arrives, Da-hye has been waiting for him. He assures her everything is okay, then he starts talking about the fight in a humorous way that makes her chuckle, too. He hasn’t eaten, so she serves him the food that was left while sitting with him. He notices she’s wearing the anniversary necklace.

Lee-yeon is going a tiny bit overboard taking care of Hong-nan, treating her as if she were with such a terrible cold. But it’s understandable, she jut wants to give back after all what Hong-nan has done, always protecting her. Hong-nan is relieved the actress looks far much better than she did at first.

Later, she’s holding her phone, thinking to call Da-hye but not daring, when she receives a text from the very little sister, who asks her if she’s okay, saying she was worried. That touches Hong-nan, making her really happy. Da-hye asks her not to make her worry again, she was waiting for her. Gi-tak inside apologises for making her go through that.

The next morning, Han-na has noticed the many stickers and asks if he wants to go so fast, he then asks her if there’s more her appa promised to do and she would like to do. It’s cute, and then Abeoji calls Hae-joon Young-soo again. He tries to make it look like nothing, just a slip of his tongue but he looks a bit worried. Later, he is writing down the date and the mistake, and as he goes back on his planner, there are more events in which he’s lost his way or forgotten things. He’s keeping track, suspecting to have dementia.

Hae-joon finds him and starts freaking out, so Abeoji takes him upstairs to tell him he’s fine, he’s doing exercise and goes to the doctor. He is not sick and he cannot get sick, because he needs to take care of Han-na. Abeoji tells him to stop being so obvious in front of Han-na and Da-hye… oh, he also knows she isn’t Young-soo’s biological daughter… yet he still thinks of Da-hye as his own daughter, his baby. They became family naturally. Da-hye is downstairs, listening to this, crying. Finally, Abeoji warns him not to say anything about dementia or he’ll be kicked out.

Seung-jae is recalling how Hong-nan looks just like Gi-tak while fighting and he realises his feelings are for certain, loyalty. Hong-nan then arrives and after teasing him a bit, asks about Lee-yeon. She told him to stay to protect her, so he doesn’t want to let her out, worried about her, but Hong-nan promises she won’t get hurt and if anything happens, she’ll call him. He doesn’t look convinced. And as she leaves, he repeats what he feels is loyalty. Before she exits she asks how he found her but he can’t reply, and she just marvels how she raised her boys so well, he’s just so smart.

At the store, Da-hye is at the rooftop when Ji-hoon arrives, noticing she is doing better and wonders when he’ll do better. He won’t ask anything anymore and understands how things are, however if she ever needs any help, she should contact him. She thanks him and assures him that she’ll ask for his help if necessary. After that she leaves and he stays there, thinking until Hae-joon arrives. He assumes the ball is in his court and asks him if he can really protect Da-hye forever. Instead of replying, Hae-joon asks if he’s moved on, but he says that’s his burden to carry, he has to live all his life making amends.

Da-hye is working with a smile on her face while Da-hye watches her, hoping she’ll be there working happily even when he’s not around. Hong-nan is also watching her, wishing they had met sooner.

Hae-joon goes to his office then and finds Manager Ma with a fortune cookie. He assumes it was him the one leaving the cookies, but he was there just wanting to eat one… for the first time. “Why are you avoiding me?” reads the last note in the cookie he took from Manager Ma. He still has no clue who could be behind.

Later, Hae-joon asks how employees are taking the new facilities and Manager Ma informs that everyone is delighted, going crazy. Him included. The only one who isn’t pleased is Jae-gook, who later when he runs into Hae-joon throws in his face how sales went up after signing Lee-yeon and the employee’s satisfaction also increased… so did the price of the company. He thanks Hae-joon for making it better to sell it, because that’s what he’ll do even if Chairman Cha opposes.

By the way, Na Suk-chul is being charged with murder charges. That sounded redundant.

The picture with the secret Swiss bank account is at Hae-joon’s office. Although it’s dangerous to tell Da-hye, it seems Suk-chul will be caught and despite that, both Lee-yeon and Young-soo’s family have become stronger. He wants to tell her about Gi-tak… Hong-nan also wants to tell her he was protecting her, it wasn’t because he didn’t love her. So they agree to tell her, besides they don’t have much time.

Hae-joon shows her the notes and they wonder if they should ask Maya… who of course shows up confirming that the real Lee Hae-joon planted a spy and that person knows about him, but she can’t tell them who and reminds them they indeed have little time left.

Hae-joon realises he needs to become real in order to protect everyone, and when Hong-nan muses she hasn’t done anything to protect hers, he tells her otherwise. He takes her to the pub that now wears the old, original logo! As Suk-chul was drowning in debts he put the pub on sale and Hae-joon bought it, putting it under her boys’ name. He did that for Da-hye, though, to give her happy memories, a place where the three of them were together briefly.

When she comes in all her boys are back there, working like in the old times and she’s about to cry. Jae-gil welcomes her with a happy smile and leads her to a table where someone is waiting. It’s so evidently Lee-yeon, I don’t understand why she even tried to hide. Hong-nan muses how it finally feels like she’s back.

All the lights go off and then all the boys come with a cake, welcoming to Han Gi-tak’s Knulp. When she is so moved Jae-gil wants to hug her but Seung-jae stops him. He even makes him move to take pictures instead when she’s blowing the candles. Why is my love smiling so beautifully? I am dying! It’s so cute how they laugh and cheer together with the cake, so happy to be back there. My heart is happy.

Maya is watching them, expressing my feelings when she sees Seung-jae, saying he’s exactly her type. I have never felt so identified. She even uses her magic to throw fireworks and confetti, musing how they look so happy. They really do.

Later, Hong-nan is scolding them all in the kitchen for slacking, Jae-gill is just acting up and the whole scene is amusing. Lee-yeon is watching and she notices one of the mugs with Gi-tak’s face, asking him if he’s watching, commenting how it feels he’s finally back.

Outside, Suk-chul is in a car on the phone, being informed how Hae-joon and Hong-nan know each other.

When Hae-joon arrives home, Da-hye is waiting again because that’s what one does for family. When she is leaving to her bed, he asks her if she’d like to have dinner with him before he has to leave for good, and she agrees.

The next day, he is walking with Han-na but he doesn’t take her to school and is nagging her to how to go alone, not to talk to strangers, always say where she’s going and such. He is getting ready to leave, it’s so obvious, preparing them all.

He’s also doing the same with Abeoji, going to exercise with him and telling him to keep doing that, to stay healthy and strong. Abeoji is precious, smiling so brightly as Young-soo wonders inside when he shrunk, he used to be so big before. Then some old ladies come and that snaps him out of his thoughts, telling them Abeoji is new there and to please look after him. It also looks he’s trying to hook him up. I laugh.

Jae-gook comes at Gi-tak’s place to tell Lee-yeon Young-chan wants the three of them to have dinner together. They bicker and he’s being more immature than the disgusting human being that normally is. Hong-nan watches them from inside with a troubled expression. When Lee-yeon is back inside, she tells the actress not to get intimidated. But she is indeed stronger now, saying she won’t let him walk over her again. Hong-nan asks her to forget about Gi-tak and Jae-gook, she hopes she’ll find a nice man or not even that, just find someone nice who’ll love her and treasure her, who’ll stay by her side as friend and family. But that sounds like Hong-nan, doesn't it? So Lee-yeon asks her not to go anywhere and live with her, to stay like that forever. She hugs her and says how she’ll watch her over, fall in love, marry, form a family… like Gi-tak would’ve done, and Gi-tak inside muses how that was his dream with her.

At the store, a mannequin is broken apparently and Da-hye offers to go alone to get a new one. It’s at the storage where she went for the 49th day, when Hae-joon yelled at her when he found out she wasn’t being happy. She smiles now, musing how strange he is. She goes inside the carriage again and notices all the written messages there, finding one from Young-soo, quite long in which he thanks her for being his wife and giving him the best thing in his life: Han-na. He ends with with “please be happy, ahjumma” which tickles her off as that’s how Hae-joon calls her.

Hae-joon comes inside his office and a fortune cookie falls from his coat, so he runs back to the store, trying to find however put it there but no one looks suspicious. Then a little girl grabs his hand and hands him a paper. For a little girl she’s wearing a lot of makeup. It’s a note asking if he wants to meet this person, and the little girl, creepily, leads the way, without saying a word. It gives me chills.

It’s a bookshop, apparently, he looks around and ends up in front of Telepathic Secretary. Oh, so she was the one behind. It makes sense.

Suk-chul is in his car, trying to call Jae-gook who finally picks up, but a detective is there because of the murder charges for Big Boss’s death. He refuses to help the thug, but Suk-chul threatens him to reveal he ordered him to kill Gi-tak, he has a recording of that conversation, so Jae-gook is basically trapped.

In a restaurant, Lee-yeon and Young-chan are waiting for Jae-gook. She tries to convince him to just eat, believing the man won’t arrive, but he wants to wait, he likes when it’s the there of them, because "he likes it". Jae-gook arrives and Young-chan runs to him, hugging him tightly and he only looks a decent human when he’s with the kid, hugging him, being a father. It’s weird seeing him look able of loving someone. Even Lee-yeon is impressed, I can tell.

At the Knulp, Hong-nan is setting the table for Da-hye and Hae-joon, when she arrives first and is led there. Sitting at the same table she shared with Young-soo, she recalls that night, but she also recalls the message with the ahjumma word, the times Hae-joon and Young-soo acted the same. Her expression starts to fall, she is thinking hard and trying to make sense out of those similarities. She looks troubled.

Hae-joon is walking with flowers, smiling brightly (I guess his meeting with Telepathic Secretary went well). At the street light, he calls Da-hye asking her to wait just a bit, he’s on his way to her. He mentions how this time he’ll keep his promise. Why do I feel like he is planning to tell her? The fact he said that is just… too Young-soo.

Hong-nan is watching Da-hye as she cooks, while the light goes green for Hae-joon. No. Just no. Suk-chul is driving past, aiming for Hae-joon. He runs him over, dramatically, making Hae-joon roll over the car, fly in the sky while the flowers are ruined, petals falling like rain. Hong-nan cuts her finger while chipping vegetables at the same time, a bad feeling in her guts as Hae-joon lies on the ground, trying to reach his mobile.

Hong-nan and Da-hye have hard expressions.

Hae-joon stands up, blood is falling from his temple and he falls again, unconscious while the people arOUND AREN’T DOING ANYTHING! WHAT IS THIS? HASN’T HE DIED ENOUGH? WHY AN ACCIDENT?

The epilogue shows the pilot holding something like a baby, it seems he lost his mind. The real Lee Hae-joon is writing to his father, saying how much he hated him for shunning him out, for not looking for him but as he embraces his oncoming death, he decides to forgive him and writes he loves him, as he breaks down crying.


*piercing screams* ANWAE!!!?? Why an accident? He died once already. How many times does he need to die and my heart break for the writers to be satisfied with my emotional trauma?! *cries* Who is going to pay for the therapy? Uh?! And Da-hye will be left waiting again while he can't make it. Seriously? I mean, he had to leave anyways, was this necessary? I'm emotionally unstable right now. If Suk-chul doesn't rotten in jail after this I'll sue the writers.

It was so happy… with the pub back to the rightful  owners… Han-na and Abeoji smiling so brightly. There were magic fireworks thanks to Maya. And then death… blood… murder. 

Am I the only one that's like shocked and tired at the same time? And this ends next week. If Hae-joon doesn't die, I'm not so scared. I mean, I can see Da-hye's family moving on and getting back on their feet with the money from Big Boss that Gi-tak got. I also see Lee-yeon and Young-chan getting closer to that family, to the real Gi-tak's younger sister. So I see a happy ending for them. I'll still cry like a baby when Hong-nan and Hae-joon leave. And I hope he doesn't die twice!

My favourite scene had to be when everyone welcomed Hong-nan, with the cake, the laughter and all those smiles and Maya representing my thoughts. Seeing them all so happy made me smile like a fool, too. What was your favourite part?

Are you even ready for the finale of this K-drama next week? I alway get nervous after watching episodes 13 and 14 of any K-drama (16-episodes length K-drama).

See you all for the finale!
Bel, xx

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