Picture this: you're enjoying a fun day at the mall getting all those Christmas presents you still need to buy and then you walk outside and see a giant Santa wearing no pants. This is exactly what is happening right outside of a mall in Taiyuan, China.

We should mention that the Santa isn't just wearing a skirt because he feels like it, the giant blow-up doll is an homage to Marilyn Monroe's famous scene in the movie, The Seven Year Itch. The giant Santa was placed by the mall as a way to attract more tourists and shoppers during the busy holiday shopping season. Even though you might be a little bothered by the Marilyn Santa statue, you can tell by the look in Santa's eyes that he is also not happy with his current situation either! When you see the giant statue, just smile and try not to look up Santa's skirt.

This is the kind of view that might ruin Christmas.

Santa is clearly embarrassed; so are we!