Welcome back fellow drama lovers! We’re already on the third discussion of Sensory Couple and the plot is definitely starting to thicken! Episodes five and six had several twists that make me think we’ve only scratched the surface on this drama. Though some plot elements are developing about as we expected, there were several surprises coming out of left field that had me watching with my mouth hanging open! So join Firnlambe, Cici, and yours truly, Marakeshsparrow, as we discuss the things we were expecting, and the shocking turns we weren’t!

Firnlambe: щ(ºДºщ) whaaaaaaaaat is going on!!!! I thought I had this whole thing figured out already!

Marakeshsparrow: The surprises were coming fast and furious in these episodes! I have to say, that first part when the body of Chef no. 2 dropped onto the detective’s windshield made me yell out in terror at my computer. I don’t think I’ve ever been so startled in a drama before!

Cici: I was right there with you. And then Chef peered over the edge, and I thought, Oh, good, they’re going to catch him for an unrelated murder, but at least they’ll put him away and get him out of the picture. I should have known better, lol.

Firnlambe: oh yeah . . . I was busting up laughing at that part. I’m not sure why but that struck me as really funny.

Cici: So Chef continued to creep me out for the rest of these two episodes, and it just got progressively worse. When he hired Cho Rim as a part-time worker, my heart sank. Even though she was instrumental in proving his innocence in the murder of the other chef, I still think he is planning something awful for her.

Firnlambe: Honestly I was completely fooled right up until Dr. “Omo! He’s not the killer” rushed off after picking up the missing books. I then proceeded to yell “no!” over and over at my TV the rest of the episode.

Marakeshsparrow: O.M.G that was a big shock for me. Honestly, I’ve been suspicious of Mr. Celeb Chef, but I thought Dr. Chun was somehow involved too. He just seemed too creepy--and I still don’t know what he was doing lurking around Moo Gak’s sister in the hospital . . . But after finding out about his back-story and the tragedy of his wife’s death, he became a totally sympathetic character for me. I was terrified for his life after Chef found his bloody finger print on Joo Ma Ri’s notebook. I was like, “DRIVE DOC, DRIVE! Get as far away as you can from that crazy serial killer!!!”

Cici: I was completely surprised at how quickly Dr. Chun transformed from prime suspect to sympathetic character! He’s even more sympathetic than the dad in Angel Eyes, because at least he didn’t actually do anything to harm Cho Rim. However, there are just a few lol’s (lapses of logic) in the whole bloody fingerprint in the book scene. First of all, Dr. Chun closed the book in a hurry and stuffed it in the box when he saw Murder Chef coming up the driveway. Any bloody fingerprint would have been blotted against the facing page, not left wet enough to make a wet mark on MC’s own finger. Also, the book was put away without the cover elastic, but it was on it when MC took it out to peruse. I love this drama, mainly because it makes me sit up and pay attention. So it bugs me when something like that slips by. Okay, end of rant.

Firnlambe: Doc is dead . . . I’m sad about this . . . particularly because he figured out who the lone survivor truly is and promised himself that he’d protect her, but I’ve also accepted this fact as soon as his barcode and --memory book?-- were placed on the shelf. What I’m reeeeally worried about is Cho Rim. Does Murder Chef know who she really is? Or does she stand a chance of hiding out a little while longer under her father’s witness protection program?

Cici: Since Moo Gak is still under the impression that Dr Chun is the serial killer, he keeps giving useful information to Murder Chef unwittingly. That’s how he knew to find Dr. Chun at the church. I’m just hoping that he doesn’t accidentally divulge Cho Rim’s identity when he finds out.

Marakeshsparrow: Ok, first off--Murder Chef is totally what I’m calling him from now on. Second--the clock is ticking for Cho Rim! Did anyone else notice that letter Dr. Chun wrote for her (where he divulges her identity) went into a box of books he was returning to Murder Chef by accident? It surely won’t be long until he gets his hands on it and finds out who she really is.

Firnlambe: Ok my memory is a little fuzzy after the major reveal at the end of episode 6 . . . but did he put in that letter her true identity? I don’t recall.

Cici: I’m not sure either, but Murder Chef already has the box of books that contain the letter--he pointed it out to Moo Gak when he came over.

Marakeshsparrow: Pretty sure Dr. Chun addressed that letter as “Miss Oh Cho Rim/Choi Eun Seol”. So I’m thinking the jig is going to be up. Ok, I’m going to switch it up for a minute and talk about some things I wasn’t surprised by. Since I’ve been suspicious of Murder Chef pretty much from the first time he was tackled by Moo Gak, I kind of expected that Cho Rim would get entangled with him. Of course she’s suuuuuper trusting of him. (Maybe it’s the dog that makes her assume he’s a nice guy, haha). What do you guys think of her becoming besties with the Barcode Killer?

Firnlambe: At the moment, as long as he doesn’t know her true identity, I see no problem with it. Mainly because he’s being so sweet towards her and isn’t causing her any problems. Give it 2-3 more episodes and I’m sure my opinion will change.

Marakeshsparrow: I’m sure Joo Ma Ri thought he was sweet too! Until it was too late… On that note, I also have to wonder why the cops didn’t find anything suspicious when they went to search his house. Did they not go into Creepy Cellar? Maybe he really does just keep his wine down there.

Cici: Murder Chef went in an elevator to get to his library and barcode printing machine, which makes me think that there might be a secret entrance to it. Now if Moo Gak was bright enough to solve the illegal gambling ring by figuring out that there was a secret chamber with a hidden entrance, maybe he can do the same in Murder Chef’s house. Of course, he’s feeling too guilty and apologetic for the whole false arrest thing to even suspect him yet, but that could all change once Dr. Chun’s dead, barcoded body shows up.

Firnlambe: If by Moo Gak solving the illegal gambling ring you mean Cho Rim being the true detective then I shall agree with you, lol. I personally hope Moo Gak keeps up his streak and figures out Murder Chef’s crazy home, but seeing as Cho Rim hasn’t been able to find any strange scents yet, I doubt that it’ll be through her help.

Marakeshsparrow: Speaking of our favorite crime fighting duo, something else that didn’t surprise me was Moo Gak going all “protective male” and telling Cho Rim that he didn’t want her to follow him around on his investigations any more. I know this is probably because he’s already starting to care for her, but how the heck is he going to solve anything without his seeing smell dog? (Haha, maybe I shouldn’t compare her to a dog, it didn’t seem like she appreciated that). Needless to say, I hope he changes his mind and realizes he needs her help.

Cici: I loved the way she explained how she felt valuable instead of ashamed because of what she had always considered her “disability”. I got the impression that she was not going to take his request to stay away from his investigations seriously. She knows he’ll protect her, and she’s not about to give up her new sense of purpose easily.

Firnlambe: I’m so glad we are all on the same page with this drama. Since we’re on the topic of our leading couple we have to bring up how well they play off of each other it’s totally what drives home that they are just meant to be together.

Marakeshsparrow: So happy we got some cute moments to lighten up the terror factor of these two episodes. I loved all the “two-for-one” banter, and the fact that he gave her one of the little bears made me go, awwwwwwwww! A little pissed that both times I thought he was making some kind of move, it turned out to be nothing though. When he reached out to touch her hair, my heart was in my throat! But...it was just to get the soup out. Lol.

Cici: Didn’t you love the little fantasy she had going when he had his drunken head on her lap? I was all, Yes! until I realized that it was just a dream . . Which makes me wonder . . . since she so clearly likes him, why did she tell the director of her comedy troupe that he would no longer be practicing with her? She even sent him away when he showed up to practice. That had me a bit surprised.

Firnlambe: I think she feels like it’s more of a burden for him and since she only wants to contribute in ways that help him, she decided -- in typical martyr fashion-- that his needs outweigh her own.

Marakeshsparrow: //whines// I want to see him perform in ‘Moon Over Seoul’ thooough!!! Sigh. It’s typical, isn’t it? The woman putting the man’s needs first. I don’t care how much I may love you, Yoo Chun, I wouldn’t give up my opportunity to perform if it was my life-long dream. But I guess there’s merit in trying to win the director over by herself.

Firnlambe: Sorry, gonna sidetrack us away from the martyr comment, your reference to ‘Moon Over Seoul’ has sparked a thought . . . .I hope I wasn’t the only one to notice both Cho Rim and Moo Gak slip into their comedic roles during their game of Stop Go. I found that whole scene thoroughly enjoyable, particularly when they won and proceeded to punch the losers.

Cici: That was fantastic, and of course Moo Gak had been completely taking advantage of the fact that he doesn’t feel pain. I love their interactions, and I thought it was hilarious when they decided to practice their routine in a restaurant! What was best was when some gullible onlooker paid for their meal and encouraged Moo Gak to return to the country! ROFL

Marakeshsparrow: Oh man, did you guys also notice that Moo Gak kept making the “CHUUUR” noises when he bust in on the marijuana cartel guys? That had me cackling. I hope he adopts that into his everyday life from now on. Ok, to steer things back a bit--something else that surprised me is that it doesn’t seem like there’s going to be much of a love triangle or love square. I know we were all predicting there would be a Cho Rim/Moo Gak/Lieutenant Yeom/Chef storyline, but I’m starting to think that’s not the direction this drama is going to take . . .

Cici: I’m still thinking that Murder Chef will put the moves on Cho Rim. But it will get complicated when he finds out her true identity. He keeps giving her these smarmy glances that I find almost as creepy as his scary serial-killer face.

Firnlambe: Yeah I still get a mini SLS vibe from him . . in a weird . . twisted sort of way (⊙_☉)

Marakeshsparrow: If he does fall for her that will be JUICY!!! But I have my doubts. Murder Chef seems like a pretty classic sociopath. Not sure if he can even think of someone in terms other than “I want to carve barcodes in your skin.”

Cici: I am still wondering what connects the murders so far. How does he choose his victims? Is this all part of some convoluted revenge/leave no witnesses thing? Why did he kill Cho Rim’s parents? And his supposed girlfriend? I keep waiting for some clue that will tie them all together.

Firnlambe: Seriously at the end of this week all I could think was “Crap . . . there are still 6 weeks left”. At the rate this is going we’re just gonna keep getting more and more questions and no answers to the questions we already have //sigh//

So many questions…so little time... Will Chef Kwon Jae Hee find out Oh Cho Rim’s identity? Is Dr. Chun really a goner? Will we ever get to see Moo Gak in a bald cap again? I know we’ll be sitting on the edge of our seats until the next episodes. All right, that does it for this week’s Sensory Couple Drama Club! What did you guys think? Were you left snoozing because you guessed all the big plot twists? Or were you as surprised as we were by the turns this drama took? Cast your vote below on whether there were more expected or unexpected moments!  

Sensory Couple: Expected vs Unexpected


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