Shanghai Disney Resort, the world's newest and grandest amusement park resort, is on track to open in June in Shanghai, China. Take a look at what the park will offer to its estimated annual 59 million visitors.

Shanghai Disney will be the second largest Disney theme park, second only to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The new resort started construction in April 2011 after years of negotiations, at a total construction cost of about US$5.5 billion. 

It is scheduled to open on June 16, 2016. The 963-acre site includes a Magic Kingdom-style park called Shanghai Disneyland, an entertainment district, two themed hotels, a lake, and other park-related facilities. The interactive Enchanted Storybook Castle is touted as the largest of all Disney castles. 

Here is the original artist conception of the park:

Here's the latest sneak peek from Disney Parks:

And Dan McBrearty of Walt Disney Imagineering talks about the brand new Clock Tower at the park's entrance:

Visitors will be able to reach the resort via subway line. It is estimated that the subway line can deliver 20,000 people per hour to the park's very own stop.

The new park resort looks really exciting. Are you interested in visiting Shanghai Disney?

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