Actress Gu Hye Sun left weekend drama You Are Too Much after being rushed to emergency room for severe allergic shocks. She is currently hospitalized to treat this ongoing reaction. 

“Gu Hye Sun cannot continue You Are Too Much. She was rushed to ER while filming because she felt dizzy and breathless,” a rep from her agency, YG Entertainment, explained.

Gu Hye Sun learned from her doctor that she has a “serious allergic digestive disorder” also known as anaphylaxis and needs “rest and a longterm treatment.” Anaphylaxis could put her life at risk if not treated promptly.

For a while, Gu Hye Sun could not eat. So she got IV fluids and reported to work on an ambulance. Her doctor advised against filming, but the actress was adamant. She loved the drama, her first since marriage. Gu Hye Sun has filmed half of episode seven before resigning.

“Everyone is sorry to let Gu Hye Sun go,” the You Are Too Much production team shared. “We looked for ways to keep her. But health precedes the show business.”

Husband Ahn Jae Hyun looked aloof and worried as he left Incheon international airport today for an event in Hong Kong. The fans are sending get well soon messages on his Instagram because Gu Hye Sun doesn’t have one. Uhm Jung Hwa, the other protagonist in the drama, also wished Gu Hye Sun a speedy recovery on Instagram.

Please get well soon, Gu Hye Sun!

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