With the serial killer still on the loose, we learn that his victims are women who ride Bus 95. Will a father be able to save his son accused of murder? Will Detectives Lee and Park be able to work together to catch the culprit before he strikes again? Join UnniChan and I as we discuss this weeks exciting episodes of Signal.

DeShonda: Wow these episodes this week were so good and very emotional for me. I thought it was so cute that Detective Lee had a crush on the girl in the office, but then I was sad when she became one of the victims. But the bigger surprise to me was not only who the killer was, but the events leading up to that point! I must admit I was not expecting that outcome. I spent my entire time watching these episodes trying to figure out who the real culprit was. And when it was revealed….my instincts were very close. Wow so many surprises in these episodes to keep me guessing and on the edge of my seat! I really love the suspense of Signal and the writers are doing an amazing job at keeping my attention.

Unnichan: Somewhere in the middle of episode 4, I resolved myself to the fact that Signal will be that show I walk away from weekly, completely and totally emotionally depleted. For though I wasn’t surprised by who the killer actually was, what had me angry, yelling at my screen was his father. I just could not get over his enabling ways. There was no way he hadn’t connected the previous murders to his Bus 95 route and then after Min Joo’s murder, it just floored me he lied and dealt with a blackmailer. But it had to be, when he steered Detective Lee away from the last murder, that truly lit my fire. At first, I didn’t think he knew for certain what was happening, because no rational human being could do such a thing… And then, the entire scene unfolds and I was aghast! Traumatized girl! TRAU-MA-TIZED! Parents have to get to a point where they comprehend that their children aren’t babies toddling around, trying to make it in this world and that pain and suffering isn’t unique to only them.

DeShonda: I totally agree with you Unnie. In my opinion, the father of the killer was just as guilty as he was. Now I can totally understand a father protecting his child and taking the fall for him, but I was just speechless watching that all unfold. I can see why you were traumatized, because I was as well. There were many scenes in this week's episodes that made me cringe besides the one you mentioned. When Detective Cha went to visit his son in the hospital and he attacked her! I had a feeling something bad was going to happen there. I was saying to myself, “Don’t go in there alone Detective Cha!” But she fought him off thanks goodness. That just proves how strong and brave she is.

Unnichan: Cha has a lot of years under her belt, which is one reason Hae Young trying to school her about her job can be a little grating but I like their dynamic, because he does remind her of the things she actually wants to do and gives her the excuse to pursue them. And though she doesn’t really need the push, I’m glad she gets it. As viewers, we have this great opportunity to see the growth and change of three officers, which is an aspect of the time transmission that I really enjoy. For the Lee Jae Han that Cha Soo Hyun meets isn’t the same guy Hae Young speaks to over the radio, nor is the Cha he knows the young sensitive cop who fell for her Sunbae. I like that we see the experiences that made them and gave them depth. Eventhough it’s riddled with heartbreak and tragedy.

DeShonda: I agree with you. I look forward to seeing the character growth and development of all of the cast. As I was watching, I was thinking that the characters are not the same as they were in the past versus the present. As people we grow, change, and learn lessons. And I also really enjoy the time travel between them. I also enjoyed seeing a cute and lovable side of Detective Lee. I thought it was so cute as he was falling for the office worker. But unfortunately my cute little romance ended tragically...Why Drama Gods...Why? But I still have hope because I still have a feeling that at one time Detective Lee was linked with Detective Cha. I can’t wait to see how that story unfolds. I did catch Detective Park try to tell Detective Cha a thing or two about how to do her job. I was thinking to myself, don’t do it Detective Park. She has way more experience and your are just starting out.

Unnichan: The investigation that led to the discovery of Bus 95, the victims, why they were targeted and the end to the killer’s spree was done quite well. And it was the resolution of Jae Han and his crush that truly hurt me (though there was the bright side, if we can call it that, in revealing his part in ending the killings). I wondered last week how Miss ‘89 Crush was going to play into all this and I admit I was concerned she was a victim from the start. But like Hae Young, hope sprung within me, that if Jae Han intercepted one murder, he could do it again and when it doesn’t happen, my heart broke. When you have the fortune of changing time and circumstances, you think that things will always work in your favor, but they don’t and that’s the thing about life that this show is dealing with. It handles terrifyingly well, the fact that, sure these guys are saving and changing lives, while solving cases but there’s so much carnage along the way, that there’s no time for rejoicing.

DeShonda: Nothing ever happens as planned, I can agree with you and relate to that. And often times, it’s frustrating and not fun at times. I can understand where you are coming from there. I was very sad to see what happened to Detective Park’s brother. It appears he died of an apparent suicide, but I wonder why he died in such a sad and awful way. I am sure we will find our answers in future episodes. And I was wondering what happened to his mother as well So far we have not see her. I am afraid of what the outcome will be, but I have a feeling that he was murdered by the serial killer as well. The fact that Detective Park and Detective Cha share that common bond of seeing someone deceased i think will bring them a bit closer.

Unnichan: I’m wondering if his brother’s death, has anything to do with the Injoo gang rape that was mentioned? And his mother’s absence from the house is eyebrow raising, I just hope Hae Young didn’t lose his entire family in one day! The bonding of these detectives and the connecting of their experiences will most likely be the heart of this drama and I don’t doubt our only solace, as we scream at criminals and cry for victims every other episode. This show is definitely dark but I’m loving the way it’s being told. And my constant questioning keeps me anticipating whatever this story reveals next.

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