During the filming of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Park Bo Young injured herself while exercising. News about her ankle injury was kept private until recently because she didn't want to hinder the drama's filming schedule. She admitted during a V app Live chat that she was currently wearing a cast. "I'm currently being careful and wearing a cast around. It's not a good situation."

An industry insider went into more detail about the 27-year-old's condition, "Park Bo Young underwent a surgery this past June, and she's currently receiving follow-up treatment." A source from her agency had this to say about Park, “She’s 90 percent recovered from her surgery, so she’ll be able to attend the Seoul Drama Awards. When she injured her ankle [in April 2017], the hospital advised her to wear a cast, but because she had to film her drama, she had to use ankle tape and start out with physical therapy instead. Her ankle surgery in June only took 20 minutes, so it wasn’t a major operation.”

The good news is that she is on the road to recovery. Hopefully, we'll hear more positive news about recovery soon. 

Get well soon, Park Bo Young!

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