sundongil In preparation for an upcoming movie, Mr.Go, actor Sung Dong Il lost 35 lbs, shocking many onlookers attending the film's premier event. Sung Dong Il told the reporters that he had lost the weight before the shoot. Explaining why, he said, “Before going into shooting I met a real baseball agent. He stood 185cm tall and was better looking than many actors. When I met him, the first thing that came into my mind was, ‘I need to lose weight’.” He also added, “An agent is someone who should give people trust so they need to take care of their appearance. Most importantly, before the shooting, there were over 20 suits that were prepared for me. I could not not lose weight.” So how did he do it? He cut down on drinking, mainly. This is surely surprising, as he is known to be one of the heaviest drinkers among celebrities. The film is about a baseball playing gorilla, Ling Ling, and its 15-year-old manager, Suh Gyo, who helps Ling Ling enter the professional world of Korean baseball. Mr. Go will be released in theaters on the 17th. (Source: Nate)