I must admit that when I first heard about Ōkunoshima, Japan (a.k.a. Rabbit Island) last year, a shiver went down my spine because all I could think of, despite the adorable pictures, was the horror/sci-fi movie Night of the Lepus. (Don't laugh! LOL) But some months and umpteen images later, I've softened up to those cute, feral "wabbits" that make the island their home. They're not mutated giants wanting to munch down on horses, cows, and men! No, no. They're just little bitty critters who'd like a bite of your lunch!

Night of the Lepus still credit: MGM

Case in point, there's a Twitter user who recently visited Rabbit Island and found himself swarmed before he could blink!

When he saw them coming, he calmly sat down on a bench, figuring they'd get tired of milling around his ankles at some point. Those bunnies were hungry though, and they started to swarm him and the bench. They might be low to the ground, but they sure don't stay that way. See for yourself in the tourist's video HERE -- it racked up 45,000 retweets very quickly!

Okay, fella -- what's in your pockets?! *sniff sniff*

Although Rabbit Island has a dark, tragic past, there are campsites, walking trails, a hotel, a golf course, a museum, and other places of historical interest today. Visitors are welcome and encouraged to bring veggies, but dogs and cats are forbidden so that the feral rabbits can continue to thrive.

Kitties have taken over two Japanese islands for themselves already. Even foxes have their own village

Japan seems to be a haven for those living with four legs! What do you think about Rabbit Island? Would you visit?

Cover cap: lepus_31

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