kim-bum-vest-hatKim Bum (pictured) is visiting Osaka about a year after his last Japanese tour, and he's bringing with him his first ever Japanese album! Watch for it November 8th -- and take a look here at the new poster for his upcoming film Emergency!

Trouble behind the scenes at Hero: lead actress Kim Min Jung may be forced to bow out of the drama due to an injury sustained earlier this year filming Strike Love.

In lighter news, Kim Joon kept fans waiting in Ho Chi Minh City but eventually delivered the K-pop goods to ecstatic fans.

Will Chen Qiao En renew her contract with J-Stars? The drama queen appears to be considering leaving the company she's been with for eight years. She says they're freezing her out, they say "It's part of her education process." Sounds creepy to me. My advice? Get out while you can!

Family Outing cast members reunited when Kim Jong Kook, Lee Chunhee and Lee Hyori attended the premier of former castmate Park Yejin's new comedy, Cheongdam Fortune Teller. See the pics here!

It seems like a new weird story about Shanghai Sweetheart comes out almost every day. The latest? Mushroom head copied the look, and Show Luo wears pink Hello Kitty pajamas. Now you know.

Jaejoong and Han Hyo Joo star together in the upcoming film Heaven's Postman, and a new promo brochure was just released. Even if you don't read Korean, there are some tantalizing photos in there.

Yoon Eun Hye's fans threw her a birthday party and she delighted the crowd with her thoughts on her My Fair Lady success.

Hyun Bin is set to star in an English-language remake of the lost Korean 60s film classic Late Autumn, to be filmed in the US!

And finally, Wu Chun got a new tattoo. Like it? Hate it? Can't really make it out? You decide!