Welcome and thanks for joining us here at The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days Drama Club. This week, timing plays a big part of our story. Can perfect timing, once missed, be regained? Join Akua, June, and me as we discuss our characters’ timing this week and make some predictions as to what’s going to happen next.

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Logan: So this might be a little unconventional, but I think we should start with what happened at the end of this week’s episodes and talk about the impending decision Ha Na is about to make. When we leave off, Ha Na is frantically making her way, to (who we assume is) either Won or Seo Hoo. Who is she running to? What do you ladies think?

Akua: Well that’s a tough one. She’s been steadily spurning Seo Hoo’s advances but not openly romantic with Won. It’s obvious that she loves him deeply but all those years of him telling her that he didn’t love her have taken a toll on her. Her conversation with Won at the bar about the Jenga pieces falling apart worries me because it means there is some uncertainty in her but it would be perfect for the plot arc -- that she runs to Seo Hee before she realizes that Diamond Won is actually available.

June: I agree. The line about the jenga pieces was probably my favorite out of these past two episodes. I’m glad we kind of got more insight on the whole engagement party fiasco. I’m just like this is the tip of the iceberg on what really happened, give me more drama! On whether she’s running to Seo Hoo or Won has me in a bind. It made it look like she’s going back to Seo Hoo but on the other hand, I really, really want her to go to Won.


Logan: I’m with you both. I’m worried that it is Seo Hoo she’s running to. When Won pulled out that jewelry box, I had a horrible ominous feeling. It’s too soon for things to go right, which means that the necklace is not a good sign. I think she is running to Seo Hoo, and even though I don’t abhor the guy, her and Won are clearly meant to be and Seo Hoo did not give nearly a decent enough apology for what happened three years ago.

Akua: Let me say this really quickly before it flies out of my mind -- Ha Na’s situation is so difficult. She had to endure the pain of abandonment and silence for three years! No explanation of what happened so no closure, right? Then she’s thrown back with this guy who she was going to marry and he starts poking holes in her carefully constructed defenses. What’s worse is that he’s come back for her so if she’s nice, caring and friendly with him for the sake of her work then she opens herself up to the possibility of him taking it as an entree back (and her heart responding) but if she shuts down then she can’t be her regular happy-go-lucky Ha Na self. So it sucks no matter what.

June: I totally agree. I also can’t help but not warm up to Seo Hoo. I’m sure he had his reasons, really questionable ones to be honest, but this was the person he was about to get married to and he just ran away. No, answers, no apologies, nothing. It makes me sad to see Ha Na have to go through something like this because you can tell how much it’s affected her. I feel bad for her every time something from the past is brought up because it brings up stuff she probably never wants to remember. Sigh.

Akua: Ha Na does make the point that he ran away and NEVER SAID A WORD! That was so selfish of him! Not to be caring enough of her feelings to at least give her the benefit of some type of closure - even if it was flimsy! That’s something I find hard to accept. Why should she trust him again? Unfortunately, she never stopped loving him so there’s that! You can’t heal from what remains an open wound.

June: YESSSS!!!! I honestly don’t know how or even if they can find a way for him to redeem himself in my eyes, to be honest.

Logan: You have to give Seo Hoo some credit in his consistency. The one thing I noticed and can definitely say about him is that he always seemed to love Ha Na just as much, or possibly more, than she loved him. When he ran back to meet her after he was late to the engagement party and saw her with Won he believed their timing to be off. It was crappy excuse no doubt and it was an awful thing to do to her. But now he’s hoping for a second chance. They missed their timing for the first time and it’s very possible that they’ll get a second chance at that perfect timing whether we like it or not.

Akua: Logan, he needs to take his punishment now though. He can’t rush her. He can’t expect her to just jump into his arms. He has to accept whatever rolls down the hill for him from her until or if she softens toward him. Ha Na has unresolved issues about him that she never realized were unresolved. Now they’re unraveling and she’s a bit of an emotional mess.

June: Seo Hoo has a case of where he just leaves the girl and thinks it’s going to be all fine and dandy once he shows himself again. Like I know you love her or whatever but you have to accept the fact that you screwed up big time and a second chance isn’t going to happen so easily. Man I’m so invested in this! Lol

Logan: Trust me, I do not want the timing between the two to be perfect. I’m shipping the BFF Couple all the way! In fact, if something romantic does happen between Seo Hoo and Ha Na at all, I want it to happen now. Because there are so many things that need to be resolved first, if they get together now it will not end well. And truth be told I do not want it to end well. I just feel bad for Won, I can’t imagine how heartbroken he’ll be if Ha Na goes back to Seo Hoo.

Akua: I love Won’s consistency with Ha Na. I love the fact that he’s reliable, dependable, solid, sweet, open and generous. He is the perfect HubBoo but it’s sad that after 17 years it took the re-emergence of Seo Hoo to get him to realize that he couldn’t just stand by Ha Na and love her from “afar”. I mean, if we’re going to talk about chips falling where they will, he’s also going to have to realize that he can’t go from the friend zone to the boo zone overnight. He knows Ha Na. She is going to need him to act more romantic over a period of time instead of springing it on her one night over chicken feet and beer!

June: After the flashback of them in college, I was wondering why Won didn’t use that time to really tell her how he felt, when she was sober might I add. Because I know he got beat up over it in high school, but I was like did that sentiment of “oh I can’t love you” go over then too. I liked how they played on the “Ha Na plus Won” like the 1 + 1 deals. Lol

Logan: June, I was thinking the same thing! Speaking of timing Won doesn’t seem to have the best sense for good timing either. He’s so focused on waiting to confess to Ha Na until the perfect moment, but doesn’t even seem to consider the fact that he might miss his chance. And when he was presented with the perfect opportunity in college he blew it and instead opted for whispering it to her when she was passed out. I’m so nervous for him. I just want to shout to him “Now! Tell her now!” To help him with his horrible timing.

Akua: Seo Hoo and Won are much more alike than they realize. Not only do they both love the same woman but they both messed up when they had the opportunity to show her their love and now when they both want to change the relationships that they have with her, none of them thinks about her. They just steamroll through, assuming that somehow Ha Na will just roll with them. I haven’t seen anything from either one that shows me they have thought about where she may be emotionally in response to either one. What did Ha Na say? That Won never says what he feels?

Logan: You make a really good point, Akua. They both are being complete narcissists. Imagine how exhausting that is for Ha Na, having two men arrogantly sure of the fact that she’s going to love them without taking her feelings into consideration. You think that at least Won would have the respect to have an honest and adult conversation with her after all the years they’ve spent to suss out her feelings.

June: This is all so true. Honestly, I was surprised but happy that Ha Na told him straight up that he never says what he’s feeling. It’s like come on just man up and tell her how you’re really feeling. I know it’s hard because he doesn’t want to ruin something he’s had for 17 years but I think enough is enough for Ha Na at this point.

Logan: I like that she said that too. I also like that she straight up told Seo Hoo ‘I don’t like you’. It made me smile. And another honest confession was when Won told So Eun pretty much to stop or she was going to get hurt. It’s seriously about time. The fact that she was bawling tells me she finally gets it. Although, she seemed so devastated, I felt the tiniest bit bad for her. But only the tiniest bit.

Akua: Gotta love how real , the characters are with one another. They don’t mince words! Ha Na and Choi Won are some of the most human KDrama characters I’ve met in a long time! As for So Eun, thank GOD, Won finally told her the deal. Did you ladies notice when she was talking with Won’s sister that she would prefer to lose contact with him for two years if it meant no contact with Ha Na??!! Like, she hasn’t given up y’all. “If I can’t have you , no one will” stalker syndrome is in the house! And those flight attendants and their relationship issues! Hahahaha

Logan: Haha. The best part about that scene was Mi Hyang’s face when So Eun said that. It’s like she finally “Oh wow, this chick is straight up crazy”. I love her character. She gives the best advice and has the best expressions.

June: Her face when she was hugging her was pretty amazing. Lol But I was finally glad to see that So Eun gets it kind of. It was just so awkward to see her kind of push herself onto Won when he really did not want to have that kind of relationship with her. It’s like girl you’ve gotmove on now.

Akua: Hahaha! I agree. Mi Hyang looked distinctly awkward when So Eun started crying on her shoulder. Mi Hyang was not ready ladies. She was not ready. But apparently love is ready for Dae Bok!

Logan: Yes, onto a romance that’s a little bit more light-hearted! He and Ha Na’s co-worker were so cute together. But if she likes him so much how does she keep getting his name wrong? It’s not that hard. Lol. I love how he tried to play it cool at first, but ended up getting really excited and waving to her like a dork. So adorable.

June: I love them already! They are so adorable and their little date was fun to watch. I love how upfront she was and was asked if he had a girlfriend!

Akua: Like I said, one of the ‘realest’ shows I’ve seen in a while in KDrama! And their parents! They are adorable together as well! Loved how mom went to the hotel to share with her daughter! And they had such a great conversation about work, romance and Won!

Logan: I had a Grinch moment and felt my heart swell to three times its size while watching that scene, it was so incredibly heart-warming. It really demonstrated a mother’s love and protection of her daughter and that her mom is always on her side no matter what.

June: I agree with both of you all. I think that’s what makes this whole drama enjoyable to watch. I really love the family dynamic of this drama. When her mom showed up at the hotel looking so secretive was so funny to me and I don’t know why. Lol Their mother-daughter bonding was just too cute.

Akua: I’m glad she has a good family because work sucks. She was blamed for not doing anything to her ex’s wife. Did you hear what she said? “Go. Just go away.” And then walked into her office like a BAWS! And all this after Ha Na helped that wench with her project that she stole? She likes “stealing” things from Ha Na.

Logan: Like men? Lol. I loved that fierce side of Ha Na and I love that her ex is no longer even on her radar. You go, girl! But do you know when I really would have liked to see that side come out? When that girl fed her a grass pancake! What kind of a banshee does that? I couldn’t believe it!

June: The people are her job are so annoying and shady. Her ex can really just go away forever because he ain’t even relevant at this point. Also, the wench that stole her project can go away too. Like if you can’t handle the project maybe you don’t deserve it. Oh wait you never deserved that project anyways!

Akua: *watches as June drops mic, exits stage left* YAAAAAAAS GIRL YAAAAAS! Logan, only a banshee feeds a human grass because the guy she’s trying to date is blatantly in love with his best friend. Girl, if he don’t love, keeps to stepping! Why take it out on Ha Na?

Logan: Haha. I didn’t consider the possibility that she was an actual banshee. Lol. But seriously, that made me so mad. I really wanted to see a good confrontation ensue where Ha Na would punch the girl in her face and break her nose or something like that, but I got nothing.

June: GIRRRRRL, the design team at her job just annoys me to no end and I hope their project crashes and burns but whatever. Lol As for the banshee, she was just so petty. Like I’m so sure you’re crush is going to instantly fall in love with you because you just did that to his best friend who he happens to be in love with. Four for you Glen Coco.

Akua: Hahaha! So we all agree that we love Ha Na’s family; we aren’t sure about Seo Hoo (he owes Ha Na big time), Choi Won’s timing may not be quite on point (he’s still so cute), So Eun is petty and the staff at work all need to be fired??

Logan: Absolutely, it’ll be interesting to see whose timing is going to be off going forward and whose is going to be on point. I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to know for sure who Ha Na is running towards.

June: Until next week! I can’t wait!

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