A mother in China has put up soap she makes from her very own breast milk for sale on Taobao, the Chinese version of Amazon, and people are buying.

After noticing her newborn baby couldn't breast feed, a Chinese woman wanted some way to use her breast milk for her baby boy. She decided to make soap so that she could wash and treat him with a soap that carried with it the benefits of breast milk. She claims the soap is great for diaper rash, and because of the A, B1, B2 and B6 vitamins in the milk, it's also supposed to be good for any person's skin.

Despite rave reviews from recent buyers, scientists aren't so sure. Many nutrients are destroyed in the soap making process, and possible bacteria in the milk might do more harm than good, especially to susceptible newborns.

There's even a how-to video and kit sold for those that want to make their own breast milk soap.

I think I'll stick with Dr. Bronner's.

She's even on a magazine!