Various Stars Top stars Jang Dong Gun, Jung Woo, Song Hye Kyo, Park Shin Hye, Tony Leung, Zhang Ziyi will all be in Yeouido on June 16. Representing both the Korean and Chinese film industry, these stars will be attending the 2013 Chinese Film Festival on June 16 at 5pm at CGV Yeouido, to celebrate the opening of the event. Song Hye Kyo, Tony Leung, Zhang Ziyi will be attending the opening ceremony with the opening screening of Director Wong Kar Wai’s film The Grandmasters. Jung Woo Sung who was the honorary ambassador of 2009, made bonds with the Chinese Film Festival, Jang Dong Gun who starred in Dangerous Liaisons with Zhang Ziyi, is also in a special relationship with the Chinese film industry. Others, such as Director Wong Kar Wai, and top star actors Ji Sung and Kim Ji Hoon, were name salso on the guest list. Actor Chun Jung Myung, who has been appointed as the Honorary Ambassador for the festival will be an honored guest. It is a very rare situation for top stars from Korea and China to gather in one place. Director Wong Kar Wai's -- who happens to have many fans in Korea -- new movie, The Grandmasters will have an opening screening at the festival, and it is because of the collaboration of top Korean and Chinese actors which made this possible. An official of CJ E&M who organizes the festival said, “As the wave of Korean movies and actors blew into China, the Chinese film industry and Chinese films became a huge attention-grabbing spot,” mentioning the background of this year’s Chinese Film Festival’s rapid growth and the reason for its focus of interest. In order to establish a culture exchange between Korea and China, CJ CGV and CJ E&M organized the festival, which first opened in 2006, making this year the fifth anniversary. The event will be held this year from June 16-20 at Seoul CGV Yeouido and Busan CGV Centum City simultaneously. With the theme of "Meeting the Best Faces in Chinese Film,"  a total of 11 new films will be introduced. (source: naver news)