This Valentine's Day, happy couples in Korea took to the streets of Seoul sporting one of my favorite looks: the couple's outfit. The trend, which started in the 90's, features coordinated his-and-hers versions of the same clothing. We've all seen this adorable trend in K-dramas (Kim Tan and Eun Sang's matching hot pink shoes in Heirs), but just to prove it's a real thing, here are 13 of the cutest, real-life matchy couples I've ever seen.

The trend is mostly popular with young couples and newlyweds, who often sport couple's outfits on their honeymoons. It's a way to send the message that they are in love and off the market. “We dress the same every day,” said Shin Seung-Chul, 35, as he shopped with his fiancée, Bae Jung-a, 34. Some couples go all out with matching everything, while others just focus on main pieces, like shoes and coats.

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I've always been a sucker for all things adorably matchy, and kind of wish this trend would come to America (Ok, not kind of. Really, really).

Which of these couple's outfits do you like the best? Would you ever make your significant other wear a couple's outfit with you? Comment below!