In recent years, Taiwan has become more of an attractive destination for Hong Kong students to go to university. Generally, one would assume this would mean only positive things for Taiwan, making the negative incidents that much more shocking.

Tsang Lai-wun, 20, and Yau Hiu-tung, 19, moved into a 355 sq ft on January 21 as exchange students attending National Taiwan University of Arts and National Taiwan University. The landlord describes them as “innocent” and “well behaved” girls and let them stay rent-free for 9 days.

By February 22, the landlord asked the two for the deposit on the apartment, but the two stated that their parents had not yet sent them money. On February 24, the apartment was left abandoned and vandalized by the two girls. They stole the 37” television, broke the microwave, slashed the sofa, stuffed the trash can with bloody pads, clogged the toilet with cigarette butts, and even wrote “F*** U” in pink lipstick on the wall.

On March 11, the two women were arrested when the landlord of the new building they moved into recognized them from their pictures on the news. Authorities later learned that the two were not students but were on tourist VISAs instead. The girls confessed that the reason they stole the T.V. and vandalized the apartment was because the landlord had given them such a “crappy” apartment.

Do not judge a book by his/her cover!