We all have seen Gymnast Shin Soo-Ji's first pitch's amazing cartwheel to throw the first pitch at a South Korean baseball game. Jay Leno even says she beats any first pitch in American baseball games. Now, he may have to crown Taiwan's NiNi Ouyang as the new winner.

At the age of 17, NiNi is considered a budding celebrity because her parents were both famous actors, but she is making marks of her own on the baseball diamond with her superb execution of a complex combination of gymnastic moves.

NiNi has the face, the figure and the moves. And her smile really shines! Watch her awesome performance in this video.

But guess what, my own eyes zeroed in on that handsome hunk who she reportedly asked to be the catcher. Who is he? (Stay tuned, I may have to launch a transpacific search to find him.)

Perhaps we should include the first pitch in the Olympic Games?