Do you hug someone that you meet for the first time? I was definitely surprised when I was showered with hugs during a first meeting. The Chinese tradition is more formal and not so "warm" by comparison. Here's a video from Stopkiddinstudio where foreigners in Taiwan explain how greeting is done in their home countries, in a fun way. Take a look.

Did you like the video? It doesn't cover all the countries, but it's enough to remind us that customs are different everywhere and it helps to know a bit more when you travel or meet someone from another country.

As for me, I'm used to hugging friends now, but it also depends on who the friend is.

What happens when a group of singles all move into the same home? Find out in the new series Singles Villa, starring popular actors Joe Cheng and Jiro Wang:

What is your own experience?

~ NancyZdramaland