Have you been missing talented actresses Gu Hye Sun (Blood, Angel Eyes) and Uhm Jung Hwa (Venus TalkWitch's Romance)? The good news is that they're back in a drama about a woman who gave up something she loved for fame, only to meet someone who has nothing, but still supports the ones she loves! 


When a singer with a deep-seated pain comes across an imitator with a family to feed, both their lives are changed forever. Yoo Ji Na (Uhm Jung Hwa) is a beloved pop singer and celebrity. She is gorgeous, confident and turns heads everywhere she goes. But past all her hallyu good looks and superstar smile is a deep-seated regret. 20 years ago, Yoo Ji Na was not a star. She was a young woman, desperate for success. In her desperation, Yoo Ji Na left behind her son, abandoning him to focus on getting fame. When her child needed her, she failed him. She found success, but lost the one that mattered.

Jung Hae Dang (Gu Hye Sun) is a performer. Most wouldn't know her name, which they think is "ridiculous." She is not famous. She is not gorgeous. She is like a hundred other people we cross on the street without sending a second look their way. But it's not her name her fans care about. It's the fact that she is a good Yoo Ji Na impersonator. She is also the main breadwinner for her family ever since her dad lost his job. When she recognizes there is a demand for her talent, Jung Hae Dang starts impersonating the famous singer at a club to support her loved ones. So when the original Yoo Ji Na meets the copycat Jung Hae Dang, the two could not be more apart. Can they learn what fate is trying to teach them by bringing them together, or will the singer and the faker just become way too much for another? 

There is also Lee Kyung Soo (Kang Tae Oh from Miss Korea), a blind piano player who lost his parents and his sight in an accident, but has grown up to be quite the charmer. Plus, there is also Park Hyun Joon (Jung Gyu Woon from Oh My Venus), a "perfect chaebol" who harbors a deep hatred for his father for the pain he caused his deceased mother. There is also Jo Sung Taek (Jae Hee from Vampire Detective), Jung Hae Dang's longtime boyfriend and manager. 

Also titled "You're Too Much", You Are Too Much is directed by Baek Ho Min (Flames of Desire) and written by Ha Chung Ok. 



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