The romance in" target="_blank">I'm Not A Robot is on the rocks, and fans are wondering, how will this all end? 

When they accidentally met last week, Ji Ah (actress Chae Soo Bin) was doing a great job pretending she didn't know Min Kyu (actor Yoo Seung Ho) until he saw her wearing the priceless keepsake he gave Aji 3 before they parted. Their sweet romance was instantly shattered with the sudden re-occurrence of his human allergy. 

In the newest stills released by MBC, the pair seems to have another tumultuous meeting. Ji Ah looks like she is ready to start bawling, while Min Kyu appears infuriated. Their love story as human and robot was progressing nicely, but now everything is halted. The lies and betrayal prove to be too much for Min Kyu to handle and neither of them seem to be finding it easy to express themselves. The I'm Not A Robot production team had this to say about the TV couple, “Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin’s roller coaster of emotions is part of their fate. They built up their relationship by being very close to one another, so please cheer them on so that their love might help them change for the better.”

We all know by now that there is a real Aji 3, but Ji Ah pretended to be the humanoid robot until the real one was fixed. Ji Ah didn't expect to develop feelings for Min Kyu, and she couldn't imagine he would fall in love with her during the deception. Next week is the gripping conclusion of I'm Not A Robot. I feel these two have come too far to turn back now. His human allergy is only triggered by his fear of betrayal. They are bound to forgive and forget as time passes and live happily ever after.

Do you agree that this couple is bound for a happy ending? 

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