Around the world, fans have been on the edge of their seats while watching the last few episodes of My Love From Another Star. Most viewers just sob and cry in response to the drama, but one woman in China had a much more intense reaction.

A 50-year-old Chinese woman named Pan had a heart attack on Tuesday night while staying up late to watch My Love From Another Star. Pan has been described as being slightly out of shape, and she already had high blood pressure that she rarely took medicine for, but added to this, the plot of My Love From Another Star often made her very emotional.

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In the middle of watching the show around midnight, Pan rushed to the hospital after suddenly having chest pains. Doctors discovered that Pan's blood pressure was up to 242/119 MMHG, which is two times what it should be for a healthy person. Luckily, doctors found that Pan had aortic dissection and were able to save her in time. We wish her the best of recovery!

Tonight is the finale of My Love From Another Star. Please be careful while watching it, and make sure to take a break if your emotions get too intense!