Starting September 5th in New York City, theatergoers will be able to enjoy a unique musical experience quite like no other. Bringing the world of K-pop to the stage, talented actors of color will perform original songs and dance as they bring stories of the trials and tribulations of what it's like to go through the world-famous/infamous doors of the Kpop factories where international stars are made.

According to the creators, KPOP is "a high-octane immersive event that gives you a backstage pass to a K-pop music factory." Every year, thousands and thousands of youngsters dreaming of becoming the next Rain or Suzy enter the halls of the numerous K-pop schools in Korea, where they train for hours on end and get schooled on how to carry themselves as idols, both in public and in their personal lives. The stories that come out of these so-called factories of Kpop paint a very intense picture, one of heartache and pain for most, and fame and success for the very few. And now, thanks to the efforts of screenwriter Jason Kim (HBO's Girls), the Woodshed Collective and non-profit ARS NOVA, the world's first-ever K-pop musical will be having an Off-Broadway run in New York City for an entire month!

With some of the top Asian-American actors that America has to offer, this high-energy original musical is sure to entertain, especially anyone who has even a remote interest in the world of Korean entertainment. General admission goes for a reasonable 45 dollars, while the Premium ticket goes for 75. So if you're in NYC, definitely check it out! The musical KPOP opens on September 5th for a limited engagement and goes until October 7th, at A.R.T. New York

The cast of KPOP: