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A drama based on a true story about a legendary band of warriors known as "Hwarang" that would define a dynasty.

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Hwarang (화랑: 더 비기닝)

Alternatif Başlıklar: Hwarang, 花郎 Başrollerde ve

Park Seo Joon (She Was Pretty), Go Ah Ra (You Are All Surrounded) and ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik (Heirs, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon) star in a drama about a legendary band of warriors that would define a dynasty. When a band of elite youth are selected by the queen to fight for justice and stop the nobles from conquering the throne, they soon realize that being a team of gorgeous poets isn’t all that easy.

Queen Mother Kim Ji Soo (Gangnam Blues actress Kim Ji Soo) has ruled Silla since the king passed away. She has kept her son away from the throne to keep him safe. The king-in-waiting, though, is impatient for the throne, just like all the nobles around him. To counter the nobles and their scheming ways, the queen creates an elite team to shake up their hierarchy. They're known by many names such as the elite youth, or the poet warriors. However, they are most affectionately known as "Hwarang" amongst the people.

Leading the Hwarang is Moo Myung (Park Seo Joon), a young man of lowly birth who rises to become a legendary warrior. He lives life like there is no tomorrow. Strong-headed like a dog and free-spirited like a bird, he will do anything to protect the woman he cares about.
Kim Ah Ro (Go Ah Ra) is a half-breed--a woman born of an aristocrat father and a peasant servant mother. She is cheerful and straightforward, and works many jobs to support her family. She is the physician of the Hwarang and the owner of Moo Myung’s heart.

Kim Sam Maek Jong (Park Hyung Sik) is the queen’s son, and heir to the throne. He has lived a lonely life, and not many consider him trustworthy. He goes into hiding to avoid assassination, but he is desperate for the throne. In his impatience, he secretly becomes a Hwarang warrior to eliminate the nobles making his quest for the throne difficult. As a warrior, he slowly gains strength and a sense of responsibility for his men, along with a new outlook on life after meeting Ah Ro.

Kim Soo Ho (SHINee’s Choi Min Ho) is another of the Hwarang. His flirty personality means he comes off as a playboy. Deep down, though, Soo Ho is a chivalrous character who is loyal to only one woman. He is a role model for the fellow young aristocrats.

Park Ban Ryu (Do Ji Han from Basketball) is a man of limitless ambition. Both his adoptive and biological father taught him one thing: power must be taken at all costs. He is as competitive and cold-blooded a man as the kingdom knows. Even his coldness, however, can give way to love.

Kim Yeo Wool (Jo Yoon Woo from Mask) puts the “gorgeous” into “gorgeous band of youth.” He is generally regarded as the most charming of the bunch, and loves to dress up even more than most women the group meets. He is mysterious, and has a sharp tongue. Of royal blood, Kim Yeo Wool has no interest in the throne.

Suk Han Sung (Kim Tae Hyung aka V from BTS) is the youngest Hwarang. Friendly, sociable and possessing a warm personality, Suk Han Sung just wants to get along with everyone. He bears the burden of being the last aristocrat of his family, and has his own grudge against the Silla royals.

Together, they will have to fight to achieve peace and keep the throne away from the greedy nobles--if their own fighting doesn’t get in the way first.

Also known as “The Beginning” and “Poet Warrior Youth,” Hwarang is based on a real-life group of elite young men that was formed in the 10th century Korean kingdom of Silla. Once considered just “flower boys,” the Hwarang’s legend has since grown and they are now considered heroes in popular culture. The drama is directed by Yoon Sung Shik (The King’s Face) and Kim Young Jo (Oh My Geum Bi). Completely pre-produced, Hwarang failed to find the audience that was expected of a drama with such a strong ensemble cast upon initial release, but it has since netted a dedicated fan following. The series grimly earned some attention online when it was reported that Park Seo Joon hurt his neck while filming. Hwarang debuted on December 19, 2016, and ran for 20 episodes with the finale airing on February 21, 2017.

drama - 20 Toplam Bölümler | KBS2 | 2016

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