Starting a new TV drama to marathon is one of the hardest decisions to make in life. Will it measure up to your last television love? Should you go with a K-drama or C-drama? Stop fretting and make things easier on yourself by starting with a movie! A quality South Korean or Chinese movie should be more than enough to get you started in the right drama direction. 

Let's take a look at eight incredible Asian movies. 

1. Steal My Heart

Joo Won and Kim Ah Joong's on-screen chemistry was intoxicating in this hilarious movie about a criminal profile and a high-class thief. She is the main suspect in his new case, but can he bare to put his first love in jail? If you can't get enough of Joo Won and Kim Ah Joong, watch their stand out performances in the dramas Yong Pal and Wanted.

2. Architecture 101

Get ready to watch Lee Je Hoon's new series Tomorrow With You with this timeless love story about one couple's affection that lasted for decades. Unfortunately when life got in the way, their lives were impacted forever. We can all hope Lee's new story has a much happier ending than the movie, but you get to see his wonderful acting ability alongside Uncontrollably Fond actress Bae Suzy.

3. GROW: Infinite's Real Youth Life

Idols are taking over dramaland these days! What better way to get introduced to some of your new crushes than through in-depth documentaries of their idol lives. INFINITE took Inspirits behind-the-scenes of their world tour and wore their hearts on their sleeves in this emotional film. After this moving documentary, you'll be more than ready to enjoy L's My Lovable Girl drama and Hoya's hit series Answer Me 1997


GROW: Infinite's Real Youth Life

Starring Kim Myung Soo (L) and Lee Ho Won (Hoya)

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4. Fall in Love Like a Star

Li Yifeng and Yang Mi played a pair whose passion never died after years of separation. Following an unexpected break-up, their paths collide as celebrity and manager. Fate was clearly on their side, because fame did not destroy their eternal bond. The leading lady Yang Mi is currently starring as an immortal goddess in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, but you can catch her in another mortal role in Les Interprètes.

5. So Young 2: Never Gone

Kris Wu and Liu Yi Fei were the perfect odd couple in this topsy-turvy tale. Love turns into obsession when the main character can't get over his first love. Instead of moving on after she left him, he decided to follow her around for years until they eventually moved in together. After watching this movie, General and I would be a good series to try about two lovers who are destined to be together despite their initial resistance. 



Starring Kris Wu and Liu Yi Fei

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6. The Last Women Standing

Shu Qi and Eddie Peng played a couple in one of the most touching movies of 2015. Even though it was modern, it had that classic flair with family first and a sweet love story slowly unfolding. It taught viewers that major life choices should be based on happiness alone and not age. This movie should help ease you into more family focused C-dramas like Tiger Mom.

7. Bounty Hunters

Lee Min HoWallace Chung and Tiffany Tang team up as an unlikely team of Bounty Hunters in this action film. The group have all been framed as terrorists, and its up to them to track down the real criminals and clear their names. Of course, a possible $2 million reward awaits them too. After watching this thrilling film, you'll be interested in a plethora of K-dramas and C-dramas! To get you started on the right track, try Lee Min Ho's City Hunter, Tiffany Tang's The Princess Weiyoung and Wallace Chung's General and I

8. So I Married an Anti-Fan

Park Chanyeol and Yuan Shan Shan play a couple who accidentally falls in love under unlikely circumstances.A star and his anti-fan embark on a virtual TV marriage for business, and it's filled with fights and misunderstandings. Once they discover each other's true character, sparks fly. After you finish Chanyeol's hilarious movie, you will be ready for his new mystery tearjerker Missing Nine



Starring Park Chan Yeol and Yuan Shan Shan

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Which movie will you be watching this weekend to pique your TV drama interest?

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