In the upcoming series My Secret Romance, Song Ji Eun portrays the sweet and naive Lee Yoo Mi, who accidentally makes a playboy fall in love with her. Years before Sung Hoon's on-screen character laid eyes on her, the Secret member made fans' hearts race with her idol charms. No matter what, the public can't get enough of this multi-talented beauty!

Today, let's relive 7 music videos that sparked your womance with Song Ji Eun. 

1. Secret's "I Want You Back" (2009)

We were introduced to Ji Eun when she debuted with the rest of her lovely members eight years ago. Her youthful image and voice captured music lovers right away. It's hard to forget their debut single about yearning for a lover to return. Fans missed them the moment the video ended!

2. Secret's "Magic" (2009)

Fans definitely fell under their girls' spell with their very first single to rank number 2 on the Korean Gaon chart. Just like the song illustrates, Ji Eun and her girls quickly became irresistible in the K-Pop world after this release. 

3. "Going Crazy" featuring B.A.P's Bang Yong Gook (2011)

The song about a love that turned into obsession was scary, but let's take a moment to marvel at our girl's stunning blue locks. She was owning that colorful look! Nonetheless, the song became a hit even if it was one of the most chilling music videos of the year.

4. "False Hope" (2014)

It's hard to believe any guy would let her go, but she opened up and sang about a bad break-up in this heart wrenching single. It was the usual bad boy who kept playing games with her heart until the end. Poor Ji Eun!

5. "Don't Look At Me Like That" (2014)

Love was love to Ji Eun in this track about enduring criticism for being in a relationship. She describes being judged by others for simply being in love. That is too harsh!

6. "Pretty Age 25" (2014)

She was proud of her stunning appearance in this slightly narcissistic track. 2014 was her year to shine and not care what anyone thought!

7. "Bobby Doll" (2016)

Her second EP as a solo artist was glamorous yet seductive all at the same time. The songtress' single was all about begging for love. 

Which Song Ji Eun video caught your eye first? Don't forget to tune into her brand new series My Secret Romance on April 17! 

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