On March 21, the melodrama My Mister premieres, which will make our weeks even more emotional, in a good way! Talented stars Lee Sun Gyun, IU, Lee Ji Ah and more are ready to blow us away with their realistic portrayals of broken characters who change for the better. Where did these brilliant actors get their starts? Let's reminisce about the very first productions that properly introduced them to us.

1. Lee Sun Gyun (Park Dong Hoon)

In 2000, he accepted the role of Park Dong Woo in the short film Psycho Drama. However, K-drama lovers wouldn't be introduced to him until 2002 through the MBC series Lovers.

2. IU (Lee Ji An)

After falling in love with her music in 2008, the world discovered her acting ability in the 2011 teen musical series Dream High. Kim Pil Suk and her classmates sang catchy classic songs and original numbers throughout the 16 episode K-drama.

3. Lee Ji Ahn (Kang Yoon Hee)

Her big break came in 2007 in Bae Yong Jun's hit drama The Legend (aka The Story of the First King's Four Gods). She played the mistress of the Phoenix, Sujini, in the MBC historical fantasy series.

4. Song Sae Byuk (Park Ki Hoon)

He is a bonafide movie and theatre star! Song began his career on-screen as the character Ki Young in the 2005 short film Confession. My Mister will be his debut TV drama.

5. Go Doo Shim (Byun Yo Seon)

This lovely acting veteran got her start in the early 1970s! Her first production was the 1972 classic MBC series Chief Inspector.

6. Park Ho San (Park Sang Hoon)

After accepting movie extra roles in a series of films in the 1990s, he finally landed a supporting one as Number 434 in Choi Min Soo's 1999 film Phantom: The Submarine. He entered dramaland in the 2014 tvN mystery Liar Game.

7. Chang Ki Yong (Lee Kwang Il)

This young actor can still be considered a rookie. He landed his very first part as Sam in the beloved It's Okay, That's Love, but he shot to stardom for his acting in Go Back Couple last year.

Which My Mister star's past impressed you the most?

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Image Credits: tVN and Hancinema