Many Asian celebrities find super stardom in the East, but some stars were actually born and raised overseas. There are several popular South Korean and Taiwanese stars employed in South Korea who were actually born in America, Canada, and even educated in Europe and Australia. The following is a list of some of today's hottest stars who have roots in another country and may consider moving to your country one day. 

1. F(x)'s Amber Liu

The SMTown tomboy was born in Los Angeles, California. The Taiwanese American attended El Camino Real High School before heading over to South Korea.

2. Super Junior-M's Henry Lau

The Oh My Venus actor's parents are from China and Taiwan, but Henry was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Henry attended three different high schools in Canada before he completed his education in South Korea. He returned home to briefly study Music Performance at the University of Toronto in 2007.

3. 2NE1's CL

The South Korean born superstar actually spent the majority of her childhood in Paris, France and Tokyo, Japan.  She was a student in the international schools there. CL has been preparing for a solo debut overseas her entire life!

4. Jung Ryeo Won

Jung's family relocated to Australia when she was young. She attended school there and graduated from MacGregor State High School. The Bubblegum actress even enrolled in Griffith University as an international business major.

5. G.NA

Before training in South Korea, the "2Hot" singer resided in Edmonton, Alberta. The Canadian attended high school in Surrey, British Columbia. 

6.Han Chae Young

Her family immigrated to the USA when she was just a child. Han grew up in a suburb near Chicago,IL, and she attended Glenbrook South High School. 

7. Got 7's Mark 

The 22-year-old idol was born in Los Angeles, California. The Taiwanese American has been a world traveler his entire life. His family resided in Brazil and Paraguay before he returned to US soil and was scouted by JYP Entertainment. 

Which celebrity would you want to relocate to your country?

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