Everyone longs for that special love story, and K-dramas fulfill the secret desire in all of us. When relationships turn sour in real life, there is always that one drama that makes everything better. DramaFever knows how to make us swoon with unforgettable love stories we reminisce about year after year.

Today, I decided to list seven of the most heart-racing love stories to grace the small screen.

1. Angel Eyes - Yoon Soo Wan and Park Dong Joo

The ultimate love story is perfect when a potential mother-in-law loves you like a daughter! Dong Joo's mom became a donor for the girl her son loved after she died. Soo Wan was finally able to see the guy who loved her when she received that precious gift. Plus, Dong Joo's unwavering love for Soo Wan lasted for a decade before he was reunited with her.

2. Pasta - Kim Kang and Philip

What mature woman doesn't fantasize about dating a handsome younger guy? Philip was adorable, and Kim Kang's love for him was sweet in a pushy kind of way. She fell head over heels in love with him at first sight, and he eventually warmed up to his beautiful and independent noona.

I Need Romance 3 - Shin Joo Yeon and Allen Joo

Here is another younger guy and older lady romance for you! This time around, the younger guy, Allen Joo, has been in love with noona since they were children. After becoming a successful songwriter, Allen returns to his hometown to romance Joo Yeon and prove that he is the only man for her.

4. How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor - Jung Yoon Hee and Yoo Joon Suk

Yoon Hee is the only one who understands him! Joon Suk is drawn to his secretary after a lifetime of rejection from his own family. This is a typical rich guy falls in love with an honest, working-class girl tale; however, they share a bond no one can sever. 

5. Goong - Shin Chae Kyung and Crown Prince Lee Shin

Every girl dreams of marrying a prince. Chae Kyung's grandfather made that dream come true by setting up an arranged marriage between her and the baby prince when they grew up. All she had to do was be there. Goong is hilarious, but the love story is breathtaking.

6. School 2015 - Lee Eun Bi and Gong Tae Kwang

Eun Bi and Tae Kwang's bond is unbreakable! He may be the second lead, but week after week viewers cheered for the broken young man who wanted to be loved. He knew Eun Bi's true identity before everyone else, and he liked her anyway. He was dedicated to Eun Bi, no matter what.

7. Playful Kiss -  Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo

Imagine being in love with a guy for so long, and he eventually returns your affections and marries you. Han Ni lived that story! She was forever Team Seung Jo until he finally realized the girl for him was right by his side all along.

Which couple has the perfect love story you want to come true for you in real life? 

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