Since most K-dramas don't do a second season, we're left with an empty gaping hole where there was once hope and love in our hearts kindled by the on-screen romance by two characters. With the recent reuniting of some K-drama couples, it had us wondering who else we would love to see reunited. Sometimes they didn't have the chance to fully explore their love in the series and others we were only given a glimpse of what the couple would be like. In all cases, we were left wanting more. 

1. Park Shin HyeKim Woo BinHeirs

Wouldn't you love to see these two reunited where they finally get their happy ending? Heirs led to some serious Second Lead Syndrome with many fans wishing that Cha Eun Sang would choose Choi Young Do over Kim Tan. I'd love to see these two in a drama where she was able to fall in love with him. Coupling Kim Woo Bin's charm and wit with Park Shin Hye's adorable goofiness would make a dream couple. 

2. Gong Hyo Jin/ So Ji Sub -The Master's Sun

Their chemistry both on and off the screen had many fans thinking these two would end up together in real life. When Gong Hyo Jin was confirmed to be dating someone else, it felt shocking. The chemistry between theses two stars needs to be explored again in another drama. 

3. Kim Bum/ Kim So EunBoys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers did so many things right, and one of those things was the tension in the relationship between So Yi Jung and and Chu Ga Eul. They managed to help us feel every emotion from sad to frustrated to happy, only to crush us all into despair again. Many of us would love to see this couple have another shot at romance.

4. Lee Pil Mo/ Lee Yoo Bi - Pinocchio

The romance between Captain Hwang and Yoon Yoo Rae was so entertaining to watch. Although we only got to see small snippets of it towards the end of the show, it had us clamoring for more. Cap Hwang's protectiveness of her and obvious affection for her silly and cute antics were so sweet. Her confusion, trying to figure out if she was crazy or whether he did show a little bit of affection towards her, was so fun. The dynamic between the two is great and worth writing a whole show around. 

5. Ha Ji WonHyun BinSecret Garden

Who didn't love these two together? Hyun Bin especially bloomed as a fantastic comedic actor inSecret Garden, but more than that, the chemistry between the two was undeniable. They need to be reunited in roles that can allow them to show off their comedic skills but giving Hyun Bin a character that isn't quite so awful and unkind. 

6. Joo Won/Choi Kang HeeLevel 7 Civil Servant

Although in real life Choi Kang Hee made it achingly clear that she has no romantic feelings towards Joo Won in the least, on the show their romance appeared so genuine. It would be really interesting to see these two paired up together in a dramatic series that was full of tension between the two, making us ache for those kisses until the end. 

7. Kang Min Hyuk/ Krystal Jung - Heirs

Lee Bo Na and Yoon Chang Young were the cutest couple to ever grace the K-drama screen. Their jealous games were adorable and hilarious to watch, which is saying a lot since those scenes can sometimes come across as very uncomfortable and annoying. Their temperaments suited each other very well, and I'd love to see them playing lead roles opposite each other. 

8. Lee Seung Gi/Han Hyo Joo - Shining Inheritance

The slow build-up in the romance between Go Eun Sung and Sun Woo Hwan kept us on the edge of our seat for most of the series. They peppered in enough delightful moments between the two to keep us hoping for more and giddy at the tiniest hint of a romantic moment. I'd love to see them reenacting the tension and wonderful chemistry with a different set of characters. 

9. Kim Sun AhCha Seung Won - City Hall

Both of these actors are masters of their craft. I love seeing their range and versatility that comes to each of the roles they portray. Being able to see two actors of their caliber acting side by side was incredible, and it showed in their on-screen chemistry. They bring a maturity and depth to their characters that helps us invest even more in the love story being told. 

10. Lee Min HoYoon Eun HyePersonal Taste

Both Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Min Ho shine as actors when playing roles that allow them to be both sweet and goofy alongside more complicated and raw emotions. Although we only got to see them onscreen very briefly in Personal Taste, it showed us what a fantastic pairing the two would make, especially if they could be given roles alongside each other that showed off the full range of emotions from happiness to deep and bitter despair. 

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Who would you most love to see reunited in an upcoming series?

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