It isn’t always easy to shop for a K-drama fan. After all, unless you have a TARDIS, you can’t give the gift of more hours in a day to binge watch My Love from Another Star, and even Amazon can’t deliver So Ji Sub via drone, no matter how many times I ask. But since the success of gift giving is knowing that it is the thought that counts, then there are some gifts that show you know our hearts are squarely in K-drama land.

1. The Necklace from Boys Over Flowers.

Nothing says I would wait in the rain all day, defy my evil mother, straighten my hair, travel through a blizzard, and just be there all around for you like this necklace of a star surrounding a moon that Joon Pyo gave to Jan Di in Boys Over Flowers. Give it to the one you love as a stocking stuffer, or clutch it while falling fully dressed into a pool for maximum effect. 

Watch Boys Over Flowers

2. Other K-drama Jewelry 

If the F4 aren't your cup of tea (because you are deranged), there are other pieces of K-drama themed jewelry that can work. The necklace from Master's Sun is no little sun to scoff at. And if budgets are tight (we can't all marry Chaebols!), I recommend the route taken via Pinocchio. Take a button from your shirt and put it on a chain, and then gift it to the one you love. Viola! Instant keepsake!

Watch Pinocchio

3.The You're Beautiful Pig-Rabbit

Genetic engineering never seemed so adorbs as when Jang Geun Suk's character fused a pig and a bunny stuffed animal together to show the ex-nun-in-training how much he really cared. If there is a nun masquerading as a male rock star in your life that you have a crush on, order one of these and watch the romance blossom (and the hi-jinx ensue).

Watch You're Beautiful

4. "Fighting!" Merchandise

You think it to yourself everyday in the mirror, so why not cheer the people you love on by putting a little "Fighting!" in their wardrobe. I’ve seen sweatshirts, hats, cell phone cases, and more with the phrase, though I personally would prefer a tattoo of Siwon saying it. To each their own on how to accessorize, but Siwon is mine, so BACK OFF.

Watch She Was Pretty

5. The Greatest Shark

That hat from Greatest Love. Really I don't know if this is a perfect gift for any K-drama fan, but I want it, and I want my Oppa (Hi, honey!) to read this article and understand that he should buy it for me. Because it is epic. And if I can rock that look even .5% of the way Gong Hyo Jin does, I will die happy, and better yet, with style.

Watch Greatest Love

6. Chocolate + Abs = Chocolate Abs.

When your Oppa has more of a dad bod and less of a washboard look to him, compensate with Lotte’s Kancho Choco Biscuits and a large poster of a scantily clad So Ji Sub. Hello, chocolate. Hello, abs. Guilt free.

Watch So Ji Sub in Oh My Venus

8. Makgeoli

We've all seen our favorite characters drink this delicious rice wine. If it’s true love, you’ll even splurge and get the bowl to drink it from too. Put on some EXO, polish off a few bowls, and kiss like you're living a romantic K-drama (only the kisses where they let their lips move). 

Watch Rosy Lovers

9. A Tear of Genuine Love

K-dramas have taught me so much. One such lesson: possibly the best gift one can give someone who is adrift in the 49 days of limbo between living and dead is a tear of sincere love. But why wait until fate requires tears? Get ahead of the game by putting one such tear into a container and gift it to the one you love. They might not be overly impressed now, but they'll be thanking you one day.

Watch 49 Days

10. A subscription to DramaFever

True story: The best gift I ever got was my subscription to DramaFever. It started a love story as epic as anything I’ve since watched. What better gift is there than sharing the joy of binge-watching, pure tear-inducing, wrist-grabbing, back-hugging love stories? That’s a trick question. The answer is So Ji Sub. But the second best answer is K-dramas, commercial free. This one they will thank you for right away. 

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So, K-drama friends, what is the best K-drama themed gift you've ever given or received?