Need your fix of Yoo Seung Ho now that Ruler: Master of the Mask has finished its rule? How about checking out our romantic doctor Yoo Yun Suk now that we know he's coming back to the small screen soon? And you know our favorite time traveler Lee Je Hoon never fails to deliver a powerful punch in his dramatic work. Whoever your  current oppa of choice is, this week's new movies promise to deliver! 

1.  Kim Seondal

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Jo Jae Hyun

Kim In Hong, better known as Kim Seondal (Yoo Seung Ho from Ruler: Master of the Mask), is a con man unlike any other. With dashing good looks and the boldness to do and say anything, the only thing he steals more often than money is the heart of women across the nation. Like any good heist master, Kim Seondal has assembled a team. Fresh recruit Bo Won (Go Chang Suk from Kill Me, Heal Me and Tabloid Truth), feisty ahjumma Female Buddhist Yoon (Ra Mi Ran from Please, Come Back Mister and Answer Me 1988) and eager-to-please Gyun (Xiumin from EXO-M) are his entourage of thieves. Under the fine tutelage of Kim Seondal, they are a legendary team of swindlers. For their greatest plan, they decide to start stealing tobacco, the most expensive product on the trade market. This puts them at odds with Sung Dae Ryeon (Jo Jae Hyun from The Fatal Encounter), an insanely powerful man who wouldn’t think twice before selling out the nation for personal profit. Fooling this heartless scumbag is both dangerous and impossible. Beating him requires the kind of con that gets men into the history books, and Kim Seondal is eager to make history. Also known with the subtitle The Man Who Sells the River, Kim Seondal is written and directed by Park Dae Min (Private Eye). The film is based on “Bongyi Kim Sunda,” an ancient satirical novel about a man who sold the Taedong River. 

2.  Perfect Proposal

Starring Im Soo Jung and Yoo Yun Suk

Ji Yeon (Im Soo Jung from Time Renegades) works at a bar in Macao. Even though she is a university graduate, Ji Yeon is forced to stay at the bar to pay off a debt. She is only responsible for this debt because her former colleague stole her credit card and ran off with the money. Through a friend, Ji Yeon is introduced to Sung Yeol (Yoo Yun Suk from Doctor Romantic), the bastard son of a casino mogul. Sung Yeol offers Ji Yeon a way out of her misery. He makes a simple proposal: she should convince his father Jim Suk Koo (Lee Kyung Young from Incomplete Life) to marry her. The old man, nearing death and without any other family, will fall for Ji Yeon and include her in his will. The bastard son, naturally, is not part of that will. With this game, both he and Ji Yeon can be rich. With no other way out, Ji Yeon agrees. After learning everything about what the man does and does not like, Ji Yeon boards Jim Suk Koo’s yacht and begins weaving her web of deception. Between Jim Suk Koo’s senile manner, his loyal members on the yacht and her own feelings for Sung Yeol, Ji Yeon realizes that she is caught in a very dangerous game. As the girl soon learns, this is one proposal that is too perfect to be true. Also known as “Secret Temptation,” Perfect Proposal is based on 1956 French novel ""La Femme de paille"" by Catherine Arley. The story is adapted and directed by Yoon Jae Koo. Perfect Proposal was released on June 4, 2015.

3.  Bleak Night

Starring Lee Je Hoon and Suh Joon Young

Still mystified by his son's death, the father (Jo Sung Ha) of high school student Ki Tae (Lee Je Hoon) tries to track down his two best friends, classmates Hee Joon (Park Jung Min) and Dong Yoon (Seo Jun Young), to try to find an explanation. Through Ki Tae's classmate Jae Ho, the father meets Hee Joon, who says he cannot help as he moved schools "weeks before what happened to Ki Tae." Afterwards, Hee Joon berates Jae Ho for giving his phone number to Ki Tae's father but Jae Ho tells him that Ki Tae "went crazy" after he moved away. Hee Joon manages to trace Dong Yoon and urges him to contact Ki Tae's father and provide some answers. In parallel, flashbacks to the time gradually reveal what really happened. ( Source)



Starring Lee Je Hoon and Suh Joon Young

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4.  Over My Dead Body

Starring Lee Bum Soo and Ryu Seung Bum

Baek Hyun Chul (Lee Beom Soo) is a biotech scientist researching the cure for skin cancer. Deciding to shut the lab and sell Hyun Chul's work overseas, the head of the pharmaceutical conglomerate, Kim Taek Soo, sends Steve Jung and his gang to force the lab to shut down and take the research. Hyun Chul's colleague Han Jin Soo protests the decision, and is later involved in a hit-and-run accident and falls into a vegetative state. Taek Soo is also betrayed and murdered by Steve, little knowing the research is on a microchip planted inside his body. Driven by vengeance, Hyun Chul and Jin Soo's pink-haired daughter Dong Hwa (Kim Ok Bin) plot to steal Taek Soo's body to pay for Jin-soo's hospital bills. However the body they escape from the morgue with isn’t Taek Soo's but that of Ahn Jin Oh (Ryoo Seung Bum), a man who faked his death in order to hide from loan sharks. Believing Taek Soo's body has been stolen, Steve and his gang begin a hunt for Hyun Chul and Dong Hwa to recover the precious microchip. ( Source)

5.  Fair Love

Starring Ahn Sung Ki and Lee Ha Na

Hyung Man (Ahn Sung Ki from Tabloid Truth) is a simple man who repairs cameras for a living. Already in his 50s, Hyung Man is yet to date a single woman. He lives a lonely, predictable life. He could have been a lot more financially secure, were it not for one of his friends, who ran off with Hyung Man’s life savings. One day, that same friend sends for Hyung Man to visit him. The traitor is dying and, after a quick apology, asks Hyung Man to take care of his daughter, Nam Eun (Lee Ha Na from Voice). A 26 year-old college student, Nam Eun has also lived a disrupted life because of her father’s schemes. Hyun Man feels he owes his friend nothing, but is too kind to ignore the request. As they spend time together, the camera man and the college student grow closer, slowly falling in love. As this different-aged couple is about to learn, however, some love simply isn’t considered fair in this world. Written and directed by Shin Youn Shick, Fair Love is a romantic drama. The film debuted in October 2009 at the Pusan International Film Festival, with a theatrical release following on January 14, 2010.

6. Open City

Starring Son Ye Jin and Kim Myung Min

Baek Jang Mi (Son Ye Jin from Shark) is the leader of a Yakuza-backed pickpocket organization in Japan. When she is captured, both Baek Jang Mi and her bodyguard are deported back to their native Korea. There, she opens a tattoo parlor but eventually turns back to crime. This time, she decides that she will start her own pickpocketing ring. This puts her in the line of fire of another gang, and they finally catch up with her one day. When they are assaulting her, the person to save her is detective Jo Dae Young (Kim Myung Min from Six Flying Dragons and A New Leaf). While she is thankful, Baek Jang Mi disappears as soon as she realizes Jo Dae Young is a cop. Later, to advance her plans, she manages to dig up dirt on legendary thief Kang Man Ok (Kim Hae Sook from Saimdang: Light’s Diary), blackmailing her to help in Baek Jang Mi’s biggest heist yet. Meanwhile, detective Jo Dae Young is handed some police files about an upcoming case, and he realizes that the woman he saved is none other than the thief he has to catch. Now it is a battle of cops and robbers, and both soon realize that no one really has that much room to run in this open city. Written and directed by debutante Lee Sang Ki, Open City released on January 10, 2008. The film reunited stars Son Ye Jin and Kim Hae Sook, who worked together on Summer Scent.

Which movie are you most excited about watching this weekend?