As we all know, almost all Korean food is undeniably delicious. However, there are a few dishes that seem to be especially mouth-watering when eaten in Seoul. Here are some of my favorite foods that Korea's capital provides!

1) Gorgonzola Pizza

"Gorgonzola pizza?" you ask. Yes, there is such a thing! While wandering around the streets of Gangnam one day, my friend demanded that we find a pizza place so I could try "gorgonzola pizza." Honestly, I didn't see what was so special about it...until I tried it. In Seoul, this dish is served with a side of honey which you're supposed to dip the pizza into. I was seriously skeptical at first, but after taking a bite, I died and went to heaven. Somehow, the sweetness of the honey mixed with the bite of the cheese makes this dish insanely good. It's taken the number one spot on my favorite foods list, so definitely try it out when you have the chance!

2) Live Octopus

Admittedly, I've yet to try this one...but it's going to happen! Eating octopus alive is an opportunity that's quite difficult to come by in Western countries. If you're in Seoul, don't pass up your chance to try this delicacy. Although definitely not for the weak of stomach, the entertainment value of seeing which of your friends can actually follow through with the task of eating the moving tentacles makes for a fun trip either way.

3) Chicken

Before anyone asks why chicken is on this list, let me just say: Seoul takes its chicken very seriously. The metropolitan city is full to the brim with chicken restaurants that all put their own unique spin on this basic meat. If you can't find a type of chicken that you enjoy here, you're trying to dislike it! I've seen fried chicken, Korean BBQ'd chicken, garlic chicken, cheese chicken, honey chicken, and so many more. You name it, they've got it. And if they don't they'll probably make it for you anyway. Did I mention it's ridiculously cheap?

4) Shooting Star Ice Cream

As far as desserts go, Shooting Star flavored ice cream is by far my favorite item. Found exclusively in Korea, this flavor is a mix of berry flavors infused with...POP ROCKS! That's right! Everytime you take a bite, the pop rocks set off in your mouth, making for a unique and delicious experience. Every time I leave Korea, I instantly go into withdrawal for this stuff. Interestingly, it was originally released in America for the 4th of July, but then only continued in Korea! I couldn't find a good picture online, so I just took a photo of my endless supply.

5) Waffles

Like chicken, Korea does waffles differently. Rather than eating them with a knife and fork (or syrup, for that matter), most Korean waffle stands put fresh cream and honey in the middle of the waffle, fold it in half and let you eat it by hand. Since there are so many shops that offer waffles, it makes it a convenient and cheap (just one dollar!) snack. However, Seoul also has much fancier waffles, ranging from waffle sundays to waffle bingsu!

6) Honey Bread

After writing this list, I've come to realize that Korea really loves honey. With honey bread, I'm not completely sure what ingredients they use to make it, but I'm fairly sure it's something like a dash of magic with a hint of everything good in the world. This bread is basically Korea's version of french toast. French toast on steroids. Not only is it double to triple the thickness of regular toast, it's infused with honey, topped with caramel sauce, cinnamon, and whipped cream. There are many different versions to try, but bring a friend along! They're almost impossible to finish alone.

So there you have it! What's your favorite on the list? Do you have any recommendations for me to try?