Too impatient to wait for the latest episode updates? Start watching a drama that's already completed! Sensory Couple, one of the latest dramas that came to an end on DramaFever, tells a story of a wounded man and a woman who sees smells. It's a romantic love story with a hint of mystery. 

We've collected the seven best love scenes between actor Park Yoo Chun, who's also a member of K-pop group JYJ and former member of TVXQ, and actress Shin Se Kyung. Take a look!

1. Ddukbokki Kiss

The thrilling ddukbokki kiss is their best love scene, hands down! She makes this Korean snack for him. While eating, she wipes the sauce from the corner of his mouth with her fingers. He holds her hand, draws her into him, and kisses her!

Check out the adorable ddukbokki kiss scene:

2. The love confession: “What should I call you?”

They reach that awkward phase of having kissed but not dating yet. Park Yoo Chun tells a cute love confession when he asks, "What should I call you?  You know, like a lover's nickname. My lover, woman, sweetheart, girlfriend. Choose one," making Shin Se Kyung (and the rest of us!) blush.

3. Piggyback Ride

On the third episode, Park Yoo Chun gives drunk Shin Se Kyung a piggyback ride back home. 

4. Park Yoo Chun aims at Nam Goong Min

Okay, this one's not about love scene, but it highlights Park Yoo Chun's masculinity. In the 14th episode, Park Yoo Chun aims his gun at the serial killer (played by Nam Goong Min) to save Yeom Mi, who's been kidnapped by him.

5. The Rescue Project

The hyper masculine Park Yoo Chun runs to save Shin Se Kyung in the 13th episode. She's detained in a basement study with the serial killer Nam Goong Min. He runs, runs, and runs, worried and nervous for her.

6. The Diamond Ring

If you haven't already noticed, he is a romanticist. He imagines four different marriage proposal scenarios in his head and picks a diamond wedding ring cut in the shape of a rose to accompany his "smelly" marriage proposal. The "blooming rose" diamond ring is designed and handmade by Min Hwi Art Jewelry.

7. The Marriage Proposal

In the 16th episode, Park Yoo Chun takes Shin Se Kyung out to a park where he had written "Will you marry me?" with her flower scented perfume. The girl who sees smell reads his message, smiles, and makes a circle on top of her head for a big yes!

Is there anything you’d add to the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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