Sunday night was a blast. My friends and I were too busy screaming "OPPA," singing along, and shaking our bodies that it didn't matter our seats were on top of steep stairs on the very back row of the third floor.

The October 11, 2015 concert in New Jersey ended BIGBANG’s U.S. tour, and Tuesday night's Toronto concert ended BIGBANG's grand North America MADE tour. Just in case you missed BIGBANG's U.S. tour, here are 13 things I loved about BIGBANG's New Jersey MADE concert.

1. Daesung's big eyes

"Do you want to see my f---ing big eyes?" Daesung asked us, tactfully putting away the microphone when mouthing the f word. After much cheer, Daesung gently lifted his long bangs and exposed his beautiful, shiny eyes, making funny faces with his eyes wide open.

2. G-Dragon's laser guitar

(Photo via tianchad)

G-Dragon whipped out a guitar in the middle of a song to play solo tunes. The bright green lights from his guitar spread across the venue, and it was gorgeous.

3. All the love

(Photo via Jessie)

G-Dragon made a heart with two hands and T.O.P, made his tiny heart with his thumb and index finger crossed. All five Big Bang members repeatedly said, "I love you!" At one point, the hilarious Daesung said "I don't know you guys, but I love you!" and made the fans roar.

4. T.O.P's Piet Mondrian suit

(Photo via tianchad)

T.O.P wore the wildest costume of the concert, a Piet Mondrian patterned suit, for his solo performance. I also liked his blue blazer with star pattern shown above.

5. Daesung's drum solo

(Photo via kpoptimelotus)

Daesung played a drum solo and continued as the rest of members started to sing Sober.

6. G-Dragon’s turtlenecks

(Photos via Jessie)

I've only now noticed that G-Dragon looks so chic in turtlenecks. He wore two throughout the concert, black and white, and changed jackets. 

7. Daesung's pounding heart 

(Photo via Jessie)

Daesung was hilarious throughout the concert. The first time was when he showed us his eyes, and the second time was when he showed us how hard his heart is pounding because of us, motioning his heart with his fist under his shirt!

8. Taeyang's Eyes, Nose, Lips live!

(Photo via BIGBANG official Facebook)

Listening to Taeyang sing his 2014 hit song "Eyes, Nose, Lips" live was an unforgettable experience. His voice remained steady and strong throughout the song.

9. Seungri's white shirt

This was one of the things that happened so fast that it was impossible to snap a picture. Near the end of concert, Seungri walked to the front of stage and threw his white dress shirt. 

I could literally see a sea of fans lean back to grab the shirt. The shirt disappeared as quickly as it had been thrown in the air.

10. G-Dragon's fan service

(Photo via Jessie)

Towards the end of the concert, G-Dragon walked to the front left corner of the stage and just sat there for a couple of minutes, smiling at the fans.

11. G-Dragon's love for Seungri

(Photo via Jessie)

When G-Dragon walked to Seungri and sang his part with him, I could just feel his affection towards the youngest member of BIGBANG. 

12. Taeyang's abs

We shouted "Encore" as Big Bang left stage after their final song. Behind the two big screens, Taeyang put bottom of his shirt over his face, exposing his chocolate abs. 

13. BIGBANG’s last US tour

(Photo via BIGBANG official Facebook)

Last weekend was BIGBANG's latest visit to New Jersey in three years, and it will probably remain the last because members have to enlist in the military one by one, starting with the oldest, T.O.P (Related: T.O.P will probably enlist in the military in 2016)

Another thing I loved about the BIGBANG MADE concert in New Jersey was the fans' enthusiasm. During the concert, a lanky guy in front of me yelled, "Taeyang, take your shirt off!" and made my friends and me laugh. Before the concert, talented dancer fans held multiple flash mobs celebrating BIGBANG's tour. Here's a flash mob of G-Dragon and Taeyang's "Good Boy." (Start watching at 2:15)

What is your favorite BIGBANG moment? Were you able to attend the concert? If you weren't able to be there, do you wish you could have gone? Share with us in the comments below!

(Cover photo via BIGBANG official Facebook)

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