A quirky modern-day Cinderella story, Prince's First Love is the charming story of a penniless girl caught between two very different men. Led by superstar Sung Yuri (Swallow the Sun, Hong Gil Dong) and film star Cha Tae Hyun (My Sassy Girl, Lover's Concerto), the drama's high-budget settings include snow-capped Hokkaido and the sunny beaches of Tahiti. An early vehicle for adored actress Sung Yuri, it's an addictively low-key romp about opposites attracting and individuals learning to look beyond the surface in their quest for love. Eu Bin (played by Sung Yuri) is an upbeat waitress who works at a sandwich shop and dreams of becoming a tour guide. When she meets handsome, wealthy businessman Sung Hyun (Kim Nam Jin), she falls instantly in love. After winning a ticket for a trip to Hokkaido, however, she sets off for Japan, unwittingly ditching a blind date with Sung Hyun. At the resort, she meets and instantly clashes with Gun Hee (Cha Tae Tyun), the arrogant, irresponsible heir of a hotel chain, when he mistakes her for a prostitute. The two part hoping never to see each other again, but Eu Bin is offered a job as a tour guide in Tahiti, and Gun Hee is assigned to be her boss after he disgraces himself with his family. Gun Hee initially plots revenge on Eu Bin for having had a hand in his disgrace, but gradually her sunny charm begins to work on him. Just as he falls completely for her, however, Sung Hyun, whom Eu Bin is still in love with, arrives in Tahiti. Soon, the race is on for the affections of one poor waitress, as the two "princes", arrogant, love-hungry Gun Hee and kind, career-driven Sung Hyun, both try to win her heart. Watch PRINCE'S FIRST LOVE on DramaFever!