As I said last week, Block B definitely has a name to live up to, but after their showcases in New York and Washington D.C., I can assure you that they more than fill those shoes in person! Although the group, consisting of Taeil, U-Kwon, Kyung, Jaehyo, Zico, P.O, and B-Bomb, seemed a little nervous for their first showcase in the U.S., they put on a fantastic show that literally gave fans tears of joy.

Before the show, Block B had a press conference where they talked about their first trip to the U.S.

After speaking to the press, they moved on to something much more important, blowing their fans away with an incredible show!

Their first song was “Very Good”, which the boys went all in for. After hearing the crowd singing with them, and seeing the overall excitement, the group visibly relaxed, flawlessly progressing into a mash up of “Freeze” and “Wanna B.” It was a surprise to see the group perform some of their earlier singles, but it just proves that they remember how hard they have worked to get to where they are by going back to the beginning.

After the opening, the show then progressed into a Q&A session where the boys talked about things such as their favorite foods and what they want to do while visiting the U.S. Showcases are usually full of fan interactions, so the crowd went crazy when the members picked seven lucky seat numbers to be invited on stage. To the surprise of these lucky fans, each member gave a rose to them after singing their part of the song “Romantically.”

Once fans were ushered off the stage, things slowed down for “Synchronization 100%,” “Be The Light,” and “Did You or Did You Not.” The fact that their slower songs were equally impressive as the fast-paced singles is further proof of the group’s talent. I am always impressed when those in rap positions are utilized in a vocal sense as well, and Block B has a lot of crossover with their rap line into vocals. It is a talent I appreciate.

The group was still full of energy as the show moved into its second fan interaction, a game of charades. They were divided into two groups, with Taeil as the judge. Choosing the teams involved the craziest kung-fu version of rock, paper, scissors I have ever seen, but it totally fit Block B’s persona and made the fans cheer with enthusiasm. There was a eve fan who couldn't stop crying happy tears long enough to help her group, but in the end the team consisting of P.O, Kyung, U-Kwon, and their three fans won the game!

The show closed with “Mental Breaker,” “Nalina,” and “Nice Day.” The vocals of “Mental Breaker” live are better than the album, if I do say so myself. The group returned for an encore with the Rough Version of “Very Good,” which left a few fans disappointed because they didn’t perform their latest single “Jackpot.” However, I have great news for all Block B fans. Zico stated in both NY and DC that they will have a comeback in July with a brand new album that will include “Jackpot” for those of you who haven’t had a chance to get your hands on the single.

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Overall, it was a great show despite a few minor issues. I am happy that Block B has so much support in the United States and I hope it will lead to them returning again soon! Also, thank you to Jazzy Group US, Koreaboo, and YesStyle for making this showcase tour happen so American BBCs could show the group how much they are loved internationally.

Did you attend one of Block B’s showcases in the US? Tell me your thoughts on the group’s performance, your favorite song, or just what you love about them in general in the comments below. You can also contact me on Twitter @Hallyu_Tanya. If you are in Florida waiting for that showcase, I’ll see you there!