A remake of 1980s hit drama The Terminal, My Woman is the story of a complex woman who grows up poor and chooses a career over love. Park Sol Mi, Hallyu star for her supporting roles in All In and Winter Sonata and lead of hugely popular 2005 drama Golden Apple, made her turn to TV dramas in this compelling tale. Yoon Se Ra (played by Park Sol Mi) loses her parents to a car accident as a child. She spends the rest of her childhood in poverty being raised by a friend of her mother's. Her one comfort is her childhood friend Kim Hyun Min (Ko Joo Won), to whom she intends to marry when they grow up. Having lost his father at sea as a child, Hyun Min pours all his passion into his job as the lead ship designer at Dongjin Heavy Industries. Se Ra goes to work at Hyun Min's company also, but when their boss's daughter falls in love with Hyun Min and tries to show him the life he could have if he marries her, tensions arise. Se Ra, a mere secretary, feels the sting of her poor background keenly, and when her boss, the wealthy Jang Chae Sung (Park Jung Chul) falls in love with her, things go wildly out of hand. Driven by a desire to change her circumstances forever, Se Ra spent her childhood becoming a skilled career woman, and when faced with the opportunity of a lifetime, she abandons Hyun Min and marries Chae Sung. Hyun Min, by nature a kind man devoted to his work and his family, becomes obsessed with revenge after his fiance abandons him for money, and sets out to become a ship-building tycoon. The woman who abandoned the man she loved for a career and money, and the man who got left behind are on a collision course... Watch My Woman on DramaFever!