Happy Thursday, DF Movie Fans! This week's DF Saturday movie is the heartwarming Love On-Air, starring Lee Min Jung, Lee Jung Jin, and Lee Kwang Soo. This comedic, touching film is guaranteed to provide you with the feels and laughs this weekend. However, if you can't wait that long to see Lee Min Jung and Lee Kwang Soo, we are offering special sneak preview access to the movie early for those who upgrade their accounts to Premium. Lucky for you, DramaFever Premium accounts are now discounted for students.

In celebration of DramaFever's 5-Year Anniversary, we are offering a student discount if you sign up for DramaFever Premium now. And as a thank you, we are offering you sneak preview access to Love On-Air starting today. You and all of the other DF Premium members will be able to enjoy this film early.

Love-On Air Synopsis: At the height of its fame, the K-pop group Purple disbands when leader Shin Jin Ah (Lee Min Jung) suddenly quits. Years later, she settles into work as a radio DJ, but does little to improve plummeting ratings. When her boss is replaced with Lee Jae Hyeok (Lee Jung In)—who checks the diva in more ways than one—Jin Ah develops a unique hit of a show. But on the newfound heels of success, Jin Ah’s past comes back to sabotage her, leaving her to wonder if she can recover from another career blunder.

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