Looking for a movie to watch this weekend that will make you laugh, then cry, then laugh, then cry again? My Annoying Brother, starring Jo Jung Suk from Oh My Ghostess and Jealousy Incarnate, and Do Kyung Soo (D.O.) from It's Okay, That's Love, is a heartwarming story about two very different brothers who learn to care for each other after years of separation. My Annoying Brother premieres Friday, July 9, on DramaFever. Don't miss it. And don't forget the tissues!


National Judo athlete Doo-young (Do Kyung-soo) damages his optic nerves during an international event and loses his sight permanently. His older brother Doo-shik (Jo Jung-suk) who has been estranged from Doo-young, takes advantage of his brother's sudden crisis to get paroled from prison. To Doo-young who lost his parents in an accident as a teenager and had to fend for himself since then, the news of Doo-sik coming back home is an extra stress to deal with. He's barely adjusting to the fact that he is now blind for the rest of his life but now he has to deal with his swindler brother. Although hesitant at first, Doo-young slowly eases up to his older brother, who gradually takes charge and helps him adjust to his disability. ( Source)