As we all know, a new year of military enlistment is approaching, and some of our favorite Idols and actors will be leaving us for two years. In the dreaded bowl of enlistment names is Lee Min Ho. Born June 22, 1987, the actor will be turning 28 in 2015. According to Korean law, the enlistment age range for all males is between 18-35. 

It's clear that an enlistment date is breathing down Min Ho's neck, but will he go? Unless you've been living under Patrick's rock in Bikini Bottom, you know LMH has been crazy busy this year. Between Heirs, the upcoming film Gangnam Blues, his RE:MINHO tour, and countless commercial and photo shoots in both Korea and China, he's barely had time to kick back and relax. It would be truly lame if he had to turn around and head off to boot camp followed by two years at some military post. 


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I wasn't able to confirm an enlistment date, and there was only one source from Star Hallyu which claimed both Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun have been approved to delay their enlistment for two years because of contractual obligations in China and Korea. That's not enough to confirm anything in my book, so the question of whether or not LMH will be enlisting is still up in the air. However, don't get too worked up because if LMH does go away, other great actors like Song Joong Ki and Yoon Si Yoon will be on their way back to us!

Do you think Lee Min Ho will be headed off to the military in 2015, or will he'll probably delay his enlistment like that source claims?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE