An elderly American couple is traveling to Taiwan to search for the woman in this photo. They lived in Taiwan 45 years ago, and the woman in the photo was the nanny who took care of their child. In their 70s now, they would like to find her to express their thanks and tell her that the toddler in the photo grew up and has a family of his own now.

We thought that this would be a nice public-service article to publish to help the couple search for their old nanny. Even after 45 years, this photo still looks great with sharp colors. The original Taiwanese news article was just published on March 3, 2014.

The American couple lives in Texas and the husband's name is Tom. The couple is in their 70s now, and the nanny would also be about 72 to 74 years old now. The English pronunciation of the nanny's name is Chen Le Ching. From 1968 to 1970, Tom worked at the U.S. Air Force base in Tainan and was responsible for structural maintenance. They hired the nanny to take care of their then 15-month old son, Scott. The photo was taken in 1969. The nanny was excellent and got along very well with the family. The nanny was not married at that time.

Tom and his wife are traveling to Taiwan for two weeks and would like to also locate their old nanny. After their travel agency published their story and the photo, it has gotten much attention from Taiwanese netizens and the Tainan police have expressed an interest in assisting their search.