Kim Tae Hee has a fan whose name is not "Rain" who is claiming to be her real boyfriend. Apparently this guy is in his mid thirties and he's been calling up news stations every single day telling them he's really Kim Tae Hee's boyfriend, and they need to not only let everyone else know, but they need to let Kim Tae Hee know as well so she can break up with Rain. This guy is also running around to different companies telling them that they need to invest in him because he and Kim Tae Hee are going into business together.

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kim tae hee

Umm, what? (o_0) This dude has totally lost his mind and I can't help but laugh. I mean ok, it's not funny because Kim Tae Hee probably thinks it's scary. However, at least he's not a full blown sasaeng fan following her around, waiting outside her home, trying to attack her; at least he's not that crazy. Besides, if he's calling every single day, these stations and companies have probably already alerted their employees like "If Kim Tae Hee's "boyfriend" calls just say "uhhuh, okay, bye."

Kim Tae Hee's agency has also reported they've gotten some strange phone calls. Hopefully the longer she and Rain stay together, with time this weirdo will just give up and consider her his ex girlfriend.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE

(Source via soompi)