The earthquake has created chaos and destruction and our doctors and soldiers are in a rush to save as many lives as they can. Death and life struggle to win and hard decisions have to be made. What is fear? What is bravery? What stands in the way of a good night's sleep with your conscience? Our team must tackle their own hearts in these episodes of Descendants of the Sun, so join Aunnie, Firnlambe, Taleena and I, Wendilynn as we ponder the tough questions.

Aunnie: Despite the fact that the story line took a turn for the worst--between the earthquake, fatalities, Baddy McStubble and everything else, what great writing and acting. I was really impressed. Usually Kdramas throw drama into the mix just for the sake of doing so but these episodes, although laced with drama, feel really realistic. In fact, I’m continuously impressed each week by how...not drama this whole drama feels (if that makes sense!)

Wendilynn: The writing is very good and the actors are doing an amazing job. The seriousness of having to decide between who lives and who dies and facing your own cowardice really was tough to watch.


Firnlambe: Oooooh I can see that we are going to be a wordy bunch this week. I really REALLY enjoyed all of the character development and growth this week. We had hints of it last week, but the writer really kicked it into high gear for episodes 7 and 8. I almost feel like we could have expanded it a bit just to flesh things out more . . . granted I’m glad they didn’t because I want to see where things go from here, but still--these episodes felt more like week 6 or 7 episodes instead of week 4.

Taleena: I appreciate the fact that they gave the show a real extended look at dealing with the aftermath of an earthquake, days of triage, rescue, and hard choices. All of our characters big and small had to evaluate and make the best of bad situations. Medical ones were left to the doctors and non medical ones the soldiers, and there wasn’t any nonsense with a single character having god-like knowledge about every aspect of everything. A s annoying as Sell Out Weasel was trying to get the diamonds, I am sure that there are people like that in disaster scenes the world over.

Aunnie: Exactly! What Taleena said. But can we take a second--and I really do mean, only a second--to talk about that arrogant, ungrateful swine of a…..for lack of better term…, who Onew attempted to save but couldn’t. I wanted to scream so bad when he tore him to piece and watching Onew just crumble, how heartbreaking. I mean, he tried and he has a kid and a wife to think about and then to have this……..make him feel like less of a doctor, @#$*&!?&$@#*

DOTSe8 coward.jpg

Wendilynn: Onew’s character is young and he’s never been in this sort of situation before. But there was a lot going on at the moment. The building was falling in, so of course you have to go. He cut his arm, there were live wires. He’d have died if he hadn’t moved, but he was so shaken and convinced he was a coward. I think that because he always wanted to be the brave frontier doctor saving the masses, this is hitting his self image very hard as he has to confront the reality of the world he dreamed of being part of and what he was raised to accept. I hope that this forces him to really grow and not crumble.

Firnlambe: I feel like it will. It will be tough going here at the beginning, but once he gets home to mother dearest--wife to be and child--he’ll come to terms with it and realize he did all that could and that if he hadn’t left when he did that “man” would have died instead.

Taleena: Onew is just young. His time (if he lives through it - SHOW) will make him humble when he returns home and a little humility goes a long way to turning you into a quality adult. The Sell Out Weasel obviously never had a lesson in being humble, because self absorbed numskulls rarely ever have.

Aunnie: No joke, Taleena! Mr. Soulless though--the sweetheart gangster from Gu Family Book--I’d be totally ok if McStubble shot his a--I mean . . . The second the camera turned to Soulless in that Bobcat especially after having been selflessly saved by Shi Jin, I was furious! I really need him to just be gone. Like,completely.


Wendilynn: He’s just slimy. Besides being a diamond smuggler, his total lack of regard for anyone he sees as beneath him is contemptible. That stunt he pulled in the hospital wanting a vitamin shot as if he deserved special treatment over the dying just galled. And then his stunt in the bobcat…..he deserved more than getting a fat lip. I did love how that nurse handled him, though. Lol

Firnlambe: That man is horrid. I was reeeeeally hoping that he would be a decent guy, like he turned out to be Gu Family. I cheered when he was decked in the face, flat out hands in the air while at my desk at work cheered. And while I don’t like the sissy boy who whines too much, I really hope he remembers that he saw Mr. Soulless messing around with his safe and that he saw blood on his sock. They placed so much emphasis on that scene that if they go nowhere with it I’ll be miffed.

Aunnie: So true. So true. As far as confessions are concerned. Whoofta. Just a quick side note, while Song Joon Ki was enlisted, I totally forgot what an absolute charmer he is--he doesn’t even have to be talking! But I don’t want to be the superficial one that only talks about his godly looks however that face he makes when he overhears Mo Yeon’s confession.  Puuurfect! And Firn, you didn’t think that confession served any purpose, bwahahahaha!


Wendilynn: When he was talking to the trapped kid, and talking about how she had turned him down repeatedly, I could only smile as he learned her true feelings. At least he now knows she cares about him, even if she won’t do anything about it yet. Speaking of confessions, small progress was made with Myong Joo and Dae Young. He at least let her know that he still loves her, even if he feels he can’t do anything about it because the man he respects most doesn’t approve of him. That scene where she’s being flippant and Dae Young gets jealous over her snotty nickname for Hot Stuff was so funny. Is anyone else just wanting to yell, ‘Kiss already!”? Lol

Firnlambe: This secondary couple is adorable, but I personally would be ok if we really just focused on our OTP. Call me heartless, but their story seems a bit too predictable at times.

Taleena: Eh. Myung Joo and Dae Young’s path seems fairly straightforward, but I love him so much I don’t mind watching him get the love he deserves.


Aunnie: I can see how it would appear that way too. I mean, out of the two couples, I think, their storyline has a more…”kdrama” feel to it because let’s be serious, 1) Daddy Dearest could never realistically keep them apart if they wanted to be together and 2) Their relationship has drama just for the sake of having drama--self-inflicted drama--that the OTP does not have. BUT, watching them unfold thus far has been mostly sweet. Mostly.

Wendilynn: Their story reflects what I love about Kdramas. They both love the rascally old general and they are both loyal to him. They are trying to honor his feelings, even if they do not agree. But, as with all children, you have to live your own life too. Kudos to the daughter for not throwing tantrums over this, even if she does give her dad a piece of her mind. She does it respectfully. As for our OTP, she has to deal with the fear of the reality of their situation. It hard to want to be brave when the guy you like clearly does things that puts his life at risk. More than just the standard digging ditches.

Firnlambe: You know what couple I’m really interested in learning more about? Daniel and [wife name]. Daniel is clearly a well known individual, and I’m greatly interested in seeing what lead him to take this sabbatical and why he chose to bring his wife with him to a place so removed from wherever they were before. Though I have to admit I loved that she bribed the reporters of a possible interview for their donated blood.

Taleena: Daniel, Canadian Man of Mystery.

DOTSe8 hearts.jpg

Aunnie: **checks out of conversation** I really could care less about those two. I mean, I like Daniel...but her. I don’t understand her storyline, I don’t understand why she’s even in the drama, I….yeah, lemme know when we move on to the next plot point.

Wendilynn: Daniel made a comment that he’s already married, so that makes it even more confusing what their connection is. He’s a surgeon, a fix it man…….double agent?!!

Firnlambe: possible triple agent? This is why he intrigues me so. 

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