Is it a crime to be handsome? Hot models in the South Korean entertainment industry are slowly taking over the acting world. Viewers swoon every time they see new pretty faces appear onscreen, but many models have a tough time getting the respect they deserve behind the scenes. On a recent episode of SBS' Healing Camp, models-turned-actors Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Young Kwang shared their experience with prejudice.

"One time, I attended an acting audition with Kim Young Kwang and Sung Joon, who had been modeling for a while," Shark actor Lee Soo Hyuk said.

"The production crew told us to do a model walk instead of act. It felt like we were looked down on."

Pinocchio star Kim Young Kwang supported Lee's statement with this comment: "We all went into the audition by brightly greeting each other, but when we came out our moods were not good." 

Lee added, "There are many times where we are belittled more than new actors."

I have had a crush on model-turned-actor Ko Joo Won since 2005, and who doesn't admire the talented Kim Woo Bin? I didn't know former models weren't given the same respect as other actors. This news is beyond shocking! 

Are you surprised that models are treated differently? Why do you think it is such a common practice in the industry?

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