The latest selfie trend coming out of Japan is sharing photos of your pooch's lovely and adorable behind as a form of therapy. The trend can even be traced to one Twitter user who posted a photo of her dog's behind and claimed looking at the snapshot took "all her worries away."

Twitter user Kazue posted her Shiba Inu dog named Hana-chan and wrote, "I printed out this shiba butt and stuck it on the wall of my room. All of my worries have since melted away." Her post immediately took off and started a fervent wave of like-minded posters who shared their pets' attractive rear-end photos and agreed with the aesthetic and therapeutic values of doggie bottoms.

Japanese cat lovers also joined the fray by claiming they already knew for some time the equally awesome values of their cats' butt photos.

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However, the current fervor could even be traced to last year's craze, also started in Japan, for hamster bottom photos.

Don't you just want to immediately take a cute butt photo of your pet too? I heard it will cheer you up.

(Photo credit: chinatimes, dailymail, mirror)