The secrets are out, names are being given and the alter egos are telling their stories. On the flip side, the past is also coming home to roost and Ki Joon is starting to finally learn Do Hyun’s secrets, but will they lead him anywhere? Join Amy, Cici and me as we discuss this intriguing, and arguably my favorite, episode of Kill Me, Heal Me.

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Amy: I thought the beginning of the episode was too funny. Ri Jin was talking in a cutesy, sweet voice asking Ri Ohn to get food for their dog and the look on Ri Ohn’s face was hilarious. Poor guy looked like he didn’t know how to react!  

Wendilynn: Are you kidding? She was teasing him by imitating Yo Na. lol Its enough to traumatize the poor boy, although I noticed he was laughing as he hopped up the stairs.

Cici: I appreciated every little moment of humor in this episode, probably because there were so many times I cried. It was just so touching. I held it together pretty well, though, until Yo Sub appeared. That guy always gets me, and his special relationship with Ri Jin grabs my heart every time.

Amy: I’ve been an unfeeling robot lately. Ha ha! I didn’t get the feels with this episode but I really did think that the scene with Yo Sub was very sweet. I just wish Ri Ohn wouldn’t have interrupted! Let Yo Sub say goodbye! Hee hee. I like how protective Ri Ohn is of Ri Jin. It’s very sweet.

Cici: Having Perry Park show up right after Do Hyun left really created quite a dilemma. It was hilarious how Ri Jin’s dad just picked up right where he thought they had left off, and Perry Park was so confused. Clearly the personalities don’t always remember what has gone on in their absence. Poor Perry. He was so close to getting a taste of God’s Water Balloon….heheheh.


Wendilynn: Darn it, you guys, you can’t talk about all the elements at once. Each personality made an appearance, I think they should each get more than a sentence from us. Quick though, I thought it was funny that they made a reference to the actor playing Ri Jin’s dad’s past roles. He has a nickname as “Double Daggers” from his role in a 2002 drama called Rustic Period. I’ve seen news articles reference this actor with this nickname. So that was a funny inside joke and not allowing Perry to drink the special wine was just mean. lol

Cici: I love finding out about these inside jokes. Thanks, Wendilynn! It does just make me wonder about what else I’m missing, though.

Wendilynn: And personally, Ahn Yo Sub’s scene was my absolute favorite of the whole episode. He really scared the crap out of me when he first showed up early in the series, but by the time we get to this episode, he’s so sweet that he just steals your heart completely. I have to say that non suicidal Yo Sub is probably my favorite character. I loved that we got the creation story for both him and Yo Na. When he went to go kiss her as his goodbye, I admit, I got all teary.

KMHMe18 goodbye.jpg

Cici: That’s what I mean. Actually, I started bawling when he said that he wanted to write a beautiful poem, but was afraid he wouldn’t have time. For a suicidal personality to admit that he is afraid of running out of time is huge. That’s what Ri Jin did for him--she made him want to continue living.

Amy: Definitely a tender moment between those two. I’ll let you and Wendilynn cry together. Hee hee. I liked what they said about Se Gi being the most painful piece of Do Hyun and that Ri Jin is connected to all of it. I think it’s awesome that Ri Jin isn’t just running away and she is trying to face everything with Do Hyun.

Cici: Se Gi is definitely the fraction that has experienced the most pain, but his reaction to Ri Jin’s acoster is pretty awesome, even if it is over the top. That Alex guy is such a creep. And Se Gi has a point...people like that never go away on their own. I’m glad he didn’t actually kill him, but I’m sure we haven’t heard the last from him, either. Wasn’t it awesome the way Ri Jin called for Do Hyun to come out, and he did so immediately?


Wendilynn: Yeah, it remains to be seen just how much trouble Alex is going to be since he also mailed that locker key to the Cousin. I personally wasn’t all that bothered with Se Gi coming to the rescue because any guy who thinks that a girl should just lay down and open her legs, just because he likes her, deserves what he gets. I had wondered how knowing Do Hyun secret would have affected Alex’s life, and clearly it wasn’t for the better, since obviously he was still milking Do Hyun for money.

Amy: Yeah. When people are greedy which Alex obviously is they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want. Those kinds of people have no consideration. They drive me absolutely crazy so I’m glad Alex showed up later in the series otherwise I’d be a yelling mess and scare my children way too much. Ha ha! I did think it was funny when Se Gi was trying not to follow Ri Jin and saying “No violence. Damn.” I was cracking up.

Wendilynn: Well, he did tell her that her word was law to him. lol And he did behave until he heard her scream.

Amy: Yes. Se Gi behaved very well. It was obviously difficult for the poor guy.

Wendilynn: I loved that Se Gi was able to explain why Do Hyun had the 7yr old Do Hyun as an alter ego. It also explains why he fought so fiercely to protect the name of Cha Do Hyun. That scene in the car when Ri Jin was gifting her name to him officially really made me cry. As I was watching that scene again, for the umpteenth million time, I was so moved by the emotion our two actors created. Those were real tears and crying facial expressions on those two. From the jaw quiver to the ragged breathing. I can’t even imagine how worn out those two were after doing that scene.

KMHMe18 gift.jpg

Cici: Their tears certainly seemed real. Mine definitely were. I actually started tearing up when Joon Young was in the nursery with his mother right after the fire, hugging Nana. He wouldn’t respond to his own name, only Do Hyun’s. That child’s expression was just heartbreaking. And clueless Mom just encouraged him to take on Do Hyun’s name and forget his own, so he could become the heir of Seung Jin group. ARGHHHH.


Amy: Do we have to talk about his mother? I don’t like using the term “mom” for her because that is a term of affection to me and I don’t think she is deserving of it. That woman infuriates me.

Wendilynn: No complaint from me, she’s the last person who deserves to be called a “mother”.

Cici: I’m good with moving on and never mentioning her again! But we do need to mention that Do Hyun’s dad actually has been getting a bit of a bum rap. I was shocked to find out that he went in to rescue Ri Jin after saving his son from the fire. That was what put him in a coma, not saving Do Hyun as Grandma has been insinuating all along. I have to admit, I’m pretty conflicted about Dad getting a redemption arc this late in the game.


Wendlynn: Here’s the thing with Dad. We know from the Perry Park flashback that Dad was a good, happy person at one time. We know that when he left his rich life he was on the verge of suicide. We saw how being forced back to the mansion made him miserable. In many ways, beating poor little Ri Jin and making Do Hyun take responsibility for it, was a stress reaction to his hated environment. This doesn’t excuse him in ANY WAY! I wasn’t surprised that he went and saved Ri Jin after handing his son to the fireman. Grandma’s words have never actually been misleading. We knew she blamed him for the fire and always said it was his fault. We just assumed it was in the rescue of Do Hyun, thinking he was the trapped child in the basement.

Cici: Humph. You’re very clever. But I was misled. So there. But, on to the fun part...Yo Na! Hehehehe. Poor Yo Sub didn’t get much of a chance to say goodbye before Ri Ohn knocked him out of there. Serves him right that Yo Na was the one to jump in.

Wendilynn: ROFL!!! Gosh I love her. And you are right, I also felt Ri Ohn got what he deserved on that one. And apparently so did Ri Jin as she started laughing as she watched Yo Na try unsuccessfully to get another kiss. That whole coming together bit with her fingers had me laughing so much. And then their game of “rock paper scissors” to see who would sleep with her? lol oh my gosh.

Cici: That was the dilemma I referred to earlier. Perry Park and even Yo Sub are one thing, but is Yo Na supposed to sleep in Ri Ohn’s room, just because she is actually a man, or does “she” get to sleep with Ri Jin? She certainly tried her best to escape Ri Jin and sneak down to Ri Ohn’s room. Every Mom out there recognized those tricks, lol.

Amy: I loved it when Ri Jin tied herself to Yo Na. Extreme measures are necessary sometimes, especially when Yo Na is involved. How did Ri Jin not wake up when she fell on the floor? Like, what normal person just stays asleep? It was adorable when Do Hyun made his confession and asked Ri Jin to stay together. Too bad Ri Ohn had to interrupt.

KMHMe18 ties that bind.jpg

Wendilynn: They did refer to Yo Na as a Beagle. They are very hyper dogs. lol Tying her down is really the only way to make her stay put. lol As for not waking up from her fall, they’ve shown her falling out of bed regularly when she sleeps, so she had a blanket with her, so her subconscious probably didn’t think anything about it. I thought it was very insightful of Ri Ohn to understand that even though Do Hyun tried to do the “right thing” by his use of noble idiocy, his personalities knew better and were having none of it. lol

Cici: Ri Ohn was just so cool, as always. I about died laughing when he figured out that Yo Na had been replaced by Do Hyun during the night. Do Hyun trying to act like Yo Na was hysterical. He wasn’t fooling anyone, but he sure gave it a good try. And he got to keep the pink bunny pajamas!

Amy: Yes. I want those pajamas too. Actually, I’d be good with just the hoodie part.

Wendilynn: That wake up scene was hysterical. Watching Ji Sung play Do Hyun doing a bad impersonation of Yo Na. Oh my gosh, that was funny. Not fooling Ri Ohn for one instant. lol

Cici: Poor Ri Jin. She finally gets a GREAT confession from Do Hyun, and she doesn’t even get a chance to respond. Sigh...until next time.

Wendilynn: Their confessions, so to speak, happened awhile ago, however, they tied that up all nicely in his office at the end. I smiled when they were talking about amendments to the contract since they knew that they were in love with each other.


Amy: Can we talk about how awesome Do Hyun was when he was standing up to his grandmother? I loved it when he told her that he would do things the way that he wants!


Wendilynn: I think Grandma was pleased to see Do Hyun finally standing up and being strong. Boy, did he shock Ki Joon and Uncle by showing up as the Group Temp. Chairman.

Amy: Yes. I loved that too. They thought that Do Hyun would be out of the picture but he is still fighting! I’m wondering how much they’ll find out about him and how far that will go but I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

For those who need a little reminder on where each alter ego got their name, here's a cheat sheet for you: 

Shin Se Gi:  Korean name for "new century".  He was the box of matches that Do Hyun not only used to give Ri Jin light in the basement, but also to start the fire.

Perry Park:   The dream boat Do Hyun's father always wanted. It represented freedom to live life any way he wanted without guilt.

Ahn Yo Sub:  Do Hyun's baptismal name.  Created to express Do Hyun's desire to die.

Ahn Yo Na:   Created to represent Do Hyun's desire to live

Na Na:   The real name of this personality is Cha Do Hyun.  She is the 7-year-old representation of  Ri Jin, who was thought to have died in the fire by the child Joon Young.  She took over and lived for that first year.  After that they called Joon Young, Cha Do Hyun.

Mr. X:   revealed in Episode 20.

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