Unnichan: I suppose the way to follow the best episode in the series is to air the most infuriating episode. I had a lot of eye roll *censored* moments during this arc, which begins and ends with Noboru’s former crush, her no-good boyfriend, and her meddling little sister (not that I blame her).

And please don’t get me started on the ration portion of Kota-Mako adorableness.

The return of Kota’s holistic medicine was genuinely enjoyable because that was one of the first things I liked about him--- a doctor, who does more than dose out meds and surgery appointments; someone with a natural gift and desire to help (and heal) people.

With last week’s blow to Noburu’s Mako crush and this week’s “kiss” witness, I rather appreciated seeing the depth of who he is as person. His spotlight was lovely because he is such a passive character, it’s easy to forget he’s there or that he had a life and love before Kashin-maru.

I just hate he ever had feelings for that lying, manipulative bookkeep, Shirai Aki. Who not only angered me with her intentional extortionist machinations but her ignorance that robbed herself the chance to receive a friend’s untainted kindness, by using the hope of his residual feelings against him. My only consolation was a few Kota bromance moments and a bout of steeled maturity from Noburu.

It’s interesting how the drama draws attention to the distinctive use of the word “love” whether it’s how or when. I hope this plays into the larger picture, but even if not, it’s nice either way.

Noburu being the one to broach the Kota subject with Mako was perfect, and though I’m not sure if this was the first time she’s ever truly entertained the idea, it’s nice to finally have the question in the air and her wheels turning.

Stephanie: Color me sad and disappointed guys. Not saying this was a bad episode. If it had come in earlier in the season--it would have been perfectly fine. We had some great character growth with Misaki. It’s definitely his episode. He, and we, learned a very important lesson. Sometimes you have to put yourself on the line and actually say “I Love You.”

So why am I cranky? For the pure reason that we’re ending our time here on the Kashin-maru and Kota’s not any closer to realizing his feelings for Mako. This was the episode guys--I felt it in my bones--this was going to be the week he’s finally clued in. There’s nothing like putting a loved one in danger to put things in place. Yes, Kota took care of Mako, but there was no spark, no lingering look or touch. Nothing. And that’s what disappointed me. We didn’t even get our little closing scene at the end of the episode with her and Kota.

What the?

Not only do you take away my cartoon but then you end on Mako telling Misaki she and Kota weren’t dating? Yes, she has the pause, where she contemplates her own feelings, but at this point we as an audience know Mako has feelings for Kota. She’s shown us that. But, except for his signs of friendship, Kota shows no feelings for her beyond that of BFF.

Oh. And for hurting cute little GUY that girl can go to heck. Yes, learning to say I love you before it’s too late is important, but it just hurts my heart that he’s going to lose Mako and he’s also lost his first love. Poor kid can’t catch a break and he deserves a cute little girl of his own at the end of this!

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