Ok Daywalkers . . . It's that sad drama moment when all things must come to an end. Join Taleena, Wendilynn, and me as we go over everything that pulled at our heartstrings and discuss the feelings that the final episode of Blood forced us to face. So pick up your tissue box and get ready to board an emotional roller coaster during this final episode of Blood.

Watch the finale:

Taleena: I just need to get this out there so you all know where I am coming from. I had the most ginormous smile on my face the entire episode. I had such love for it. I kind of chokes me up to think about how I loved this episode.

Firnlambe: I loved this episode too . . . but I was not pleased with how confusing the ending was. Regardless though, I thought this was an excellent last episode.

Wendilynn: Yeah, that last 3 minutes or so was like, ‘what the?” but up to that point, I really loved this episode too.

Taleena: I didn’t think it was confusing at all! They totally telegraphed that end half way through!

Firnlambe: It makes sense in hindsight . . . Dr. Younger totally mentioned that Jason’s body had the capability of surviving without a heart, but gosh darn it I was still confused while watching it.

Wendilynn: Yeah, I know they tried to set that up, but the explanation Dr. Younger gives to BFF was sort of confusing and disjointed to me. It didn’t really make sense and so I would have appreciated seeing HOW that worked.

Taleena: Firnlambe told you LOL! these many episodes ago how it worked - Joseon Black Magic.

Firnlambe: ψ(`∇´)ψ Fear the Joseon Black Magic . . . respect the Joseon Black Magic . . .

Wendilynn: ROFL!!!

Taleena: I for one appreciated that they didn’t go for a quick and easy fix. Ji Sang and Rita both had to pony up and be true to their word of staking their lives to find the cure. If they cheated a little (No Heart? Really show? Puh - Leeeze!) to give them a happy ending; I am OK with that.

Wendilynn: Lets stop obsessing with the ending and talk about how good it was watching them do what needed to be done. I was really impressed that the writers did not make this ending easy. There was a lot of depth to the emotions expressed. Renfield’s final words made me cry. Watching Vampire No Sleep sacrifice herself to keep her “Father” from making his last final mistakes made me cry. That scene on the roof watching the sunrise, made me cry. This whole episode just had me in tears.

Firnlambe: (╥_╥)I swear I wasn’t crying like a baby throughout this episode . . . honest I totally wasn't //shifty eyes// I think the hardest thing to watch was Renfield’s message through Luvvy. I wasn’t expecting it at all and it was a super sweet moment for those grieving.

Taleena: I’m sorry you guys! I must have the coldest heart because I wasn’t terribly sad and when they made Luuvy’s eye ripple with lights like HE was crying I just started laughing!. It was too cheesy to quote Renfield.

Wendilynn: That cheesiness was part of what I liked about that scene.

Taleena: I will say that Kim Yoo Suk, as Dr. the Younger, did a Phenomenal Job at making his eyes sad and looking like he was on the verge of tears. Other than a full on crying Park Yoo Chun, those are my favorite K Drama criers.

Wendilynn: The crying in this episode was very convincing from all of them. Ahn Jae Hyun gave us an especially ugly cry when he found Renfield. He did the beautiful tears thing during Renfield’s video, but when he was on the floor with his bloody corpse, there was no attempt to be beautiful. Just heartbreak that his best friend and brother was hurt and gone.

Firnlambe: I do like how real everyone tried to make their reactions feel. I didn’t once get any feelings of “fakey-ness” from the cast. All emotions: sadness, anger, confusion and whatever other emotions they decided to implicate felt justified and just--real. I hate it when the actors or a drama as a whole try and over act things that really don’t need to be.

Taleena: Ok I’m done talking emotions! I don’t own shares in a tissue corporation. Let’s talk Red Shirt count!

Wendilynn: No kidding on that one. Dude . . .

Taleena: We listed a preliminary list in the 17/18 super recap, but now that the show is over let’s do a final list. I have a question about it, but I’ll get to that in a minute. Red Shirt Deaths on show: Ji Sang’s parents, Dr. the Elder, 3-4 of the Hoodie Brigade, SheMinion, Tweedle Dumber, Uncle, Guinea Pig Drunk, Dr. Cooking the Books, Hoodie Thug J, Rita’s parents, Mother Superior, Hoodie #1, VNS, Dr. LensCrafter, Dr. E. (Off himself with regret my FOOT Ji Sang!), 6 MORE of the Hoodie Brigade, 3 cops sent to arrest Dr. E (Rita? What were you thinking girl?!), Renfield, AND Ji Sang. Cause shouldn't we include him? He technically died even if they cheated.

Firnlambe: Dear God this show loved to kill off it’s characters didn’t it . . . I’m a little surprised that not even our lead man was safe.

Wendilynn: Yup, Ji Sang counts in the red shirt list. I was really touched with how Rita handled taking down people. That VNS and Hoodie#1 went along with making it look like she was dead or captive and then she springs up and turns everyone into the police. Even if Dr. Evil wouldn’t let himself be taken, the fact that he was seen as killing those police officers meant he could never become a hospital director, in that country,at least, again. He had to go into hiding if he was to survive.

Taleena: Yeah, but that was totally moot, because Ji Sang went and stuck him with the Superest Serum (as opposed to the regular Super Serum that killed everyone else) so that he crawled off to his vaguely fascist art installation and aged himself to death.

Wendilynn: Turning him human was an excellent revenge, I thought. And an excellent way of letting us know they could now save Ward 21A without having to show us.

Firnlambe: Honestly I thought that was a lame form of revenge . . Dr. Evil forced so much anger to bubble up inside me, that I would have prefered he be drugged--tied to a stake--and set up on the rooftop to burn during the sunrise. I could care less that they used him becoming human as a way to show us that they now had a way to save Ward 21A. Though I did like that they made him rapidly age, that was a nice touch.

Wendilynn: Dr. Evil was really unapologetic till the very end. He never saw the error of his ways. Turning him human or staking him to die on a rooftop would have been the only options to kill him.

Taleena: OK, ya know they were sooooo concerned with the death of Renfield that they totally dropped the ball on Guinea Pig Ward, Director Suck Up and the rest. I get that they didn’t have time for everything but it feels like the time with Dora and company was wasted.

Wendilynn: I would agree with that Taleena. Dr. Suck Up should have also been caught in the bad mojo of hospital administration changes. I’ve been slightly disappointed that they just got rid of all of them a few episodes ago.

Firnlambe: Even though they ignored them for more than half the series, I personally wasn’t bothered by it. I had no attachment to any of those characters.

Taleena: I would have been happy if we had had a tableau of Drs. Suck Up, Gentle Snacks, Bow Tie and the Nurse Crew shocked as Auntie was dragged away in cuffs, and a quick post sunrise scene of Younger administering Anti-Bitey serum.

Wendilynn: Yeah, that would have been good. I did find the scene where they fight Dr. Evil to be a moving emotional scene. I’m not sure what slowed down Jason so much, so that he was weaker, or if that was an act so he could get close enough to inject the human serum into Dr Evil. But what really caught my attention was how Hoodie #1 and VNS tried to “save” Dr. Evil. You really got the impression that he really was a father to them and how much they cared about him and tried to get him to see reason again. It really spoke to me about how twisted Dr. E became because they clearly loved and respected him so much.

Taleena: Eh. VNS had never killed anyone before, but Hoodie #1 had killed lots of people. The issue was VNS could no longer rationalize the deaths as necessary, and Hoodie #1 couldn’t stand to see anything happen to VNS. She KNEW Dear Old Vampire Daddy was killing people for Science! Progress! and the Greater Good! It took Ji Sang, a vampire who didn’t live by Dr. E’s precepts to throw Dr. E’s actions into moral relief.

Wendilynn: Yes, I agree with that, but it doesn’t change that they viewed Dr. E as a father figure and savior. For both of them.

Taleena: Yeah, I get what you are saying, I agree they revered him as a father. I just think that they were as twisted as he was - at least until Ji Sang’s example showed VNS the error of her ways. Dr. E was always twisted, murderous, and evil - even when he first made VNS. That ship sailed a LONG time ago. I will admit to loving Dr. E casually ordering LensCrafter’s death.

Firnlambe: That was a great scene. I’m not glad Dr. Evil keeps killing people, human or infected, BUT LensCrafter totally had this coming so I shall enjoy his death at the hands of Hoodie #1.

Wendilynn: That was satisfying, wasn’t it? There is a reason we’ve called him Dr. Evil all this time. Because their numbers were always small and the research always sort of underground, I think he was able to keep his minions thinking that all they did was for the greater good. But when he started treating them all as expendable, Hoodie #1 was visibly shaken knowing he had to kill “brothers’ he’d been with for a few decades. I really got the impression that Dr. E’s modus operandi changed too much from what they had accepted as reasonable up to that point.

Taleena: Speaking of modus operandi, I just want to say ONE more thing about the end. Ji Sang you idiot! Just shoot vampires with your human serum. Don’t beat them and let them run off! I don’t care if you and Rita finally discovered fashion and hair products! Stop being such a goody goody! Kill ‘em or cure ‘em!

Wendilynn: ROFL@ “discovered fashion and hair products”

Taleena: Well I’m sorry, but other than the red jacket Rita was wearing on the rooftop, all her fashion choices were weirdly ‘crazy cat lady’ in nature. In Kocheina suddenly she is rocking an awesome fur collared jacket and smokin’ boots. (Me Wants) Then when Ji Sang shows up he’s lost his Ringo Starr Hair and is sporting a Very Attractive Ensemble.

Firnlambe: Apparently death makes their fashionista sides come out kicking and screaming . . . is that so bad?

Wendilynn: Not bad, but it was still funny to read that. I happen to have liked most of Ji Sang’s outfits in this series, but then, I love the long jacket look on men.

Taleena: I generally like the “tightly wound” look myself. (Side note: So Ji Sub in Master’s Sun = tightly wound deliciousness) but Ahn Jae Hyun’s features are so smooth and babyish he needs to offset it with clothes that make him look masculine. Rita just needed to look like her clothes fit her and were not covered in cat hair.

Wendilynn: That baby look worked for this story line. He was supposed to be a 35yr old man with 25yr old looks.

Taleena: AND Succeeded! But the end look was more attractive. AND he should have killed the Kocheina vampires. That is All.

Firnlambe: Honestly it took me a few seconds to realize that it was Jason. His style did take a drastic change and I agree that his hair was much better there at the end but I must say that the style over all for this series I think worked. Each style matched the characters personalities. Even though some were a little--questionable--they still worked.

Wendilynn: I have to admit that this series took me awhile to warm up to. Even though I loved the show, the first episode hooked me in, but the romance was so subdued that it took me awhile to warm up to our couple. But, I got so caught up in the story, that when I realized this was our last week, I knew I wasn’t ready to let this series go. I could have happily watched 4 more episodes.

Firnlambe: I liked this series, it turned out much better than I expected it too--I honestly almost didn’t even consider watching the series based off the trailers. I’m glad I did though. I also feel like we could have had another week of episodes to tie up the loose ends but I can understand that they didn’t have quite the ratings they were looking for from home viewers.

Taleena: I felt like the series ended on a high note. There was no last minute amnesia or car accidents which is always a good thing. A BIG thank you to our awesome readers and commenters. We really appreciate it when you all engage us in theories and conversations.

Wendilynn: Yeah, we do. Our readers are awesome.

Firnlambe: Awesome and very good at picking up small details and piece together the episode puzzles, I know there were quite a few of you who had things figured out a while ago--kudos to you because I know I didn’t see some of these things coming.

So--what did you think of the latest vampire drama to come out of the Hallyu-verse? Did you love it, hate it? How about the ending? Are you ok with the minor cheat to make our leading couple end up together in the end? Let us know in the comments section below. Taleena is taking a break from Drama Club writing until the next Hong Sister drama, Jeju Island Gatsby while Wendilynn and myself are currently on drama clubs for Dear Mom and Sensory Couple respectively. We've had a blast writing for this Drama Club and talking with each and everyone of you, happy viewings on whatever series you decide to start next.

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