Before we get started I need to fangirl for a moment. Oh. My. Gawd. I was watching 2ne1's new music video, Falling in Love, and guess who I spotted? hong jong hyeon That's right: Hong Jong Hyeon, who plays Moo Jin in Dating Agency: Cyrano, appeared as one of the hotties being checked out by CL, Dara, Park Bom, and Minzy! He even has his gorgeous twisty longish hair--ahhhhhhh! The other guy in the MV was Lee Soo Hyuk, who gave me panic attacks while watching Tree With Deep Roots when he worked against King Sejong and his Korean alphabet street team. I was squealing through the whole video due to the collision of k-pop and k-drama. Thank you, YG Entertainment, for ponying up for some k-drama hotties instead of making G-Dragon wear basketball shorts to save on music video expenses. Ok, thank you for bearing with me during this unscheduled meltdown. These episodes of Dating Agency: Cyrano reminded me that it is a universally acknowledged truth that if a character does something rational such as express her feelings openly, she will be kidnapped by a guy creepier than Hannibal Lector for A Reason To Be Revealed Later  (or possibly not fully revealed later if the writer runs out of time and wants to focus on the happy couple). Uh, seriously, can you not? hannibal When mega creepers Hannibal showed up at first I thought he might be an actor playing a bad guy in some sort of meta plot where someone hired him to bring Byung Hoon and Min Young together. that I type this, it seems completely within the realm of possibility: Moo Jin and Ah Rang could have hired this guy to unstick Sherlock by making him discover his own feelings while rescuing Gong Stone. It's just as possible, though, that they didn't and I'm once again hoping for a meta narrative that isn't going to happen. Word of advice to scriptwriters: if your show begins with a double-cross within a double-cross I'm going to be looking for other deception and meta narratives the whole time like the show is a mid-90s to mid-2000s sexy spy thriller. Most of the time dramas that start wild and meta often lose their twistiness as scriptwriters deal with complete exhaustion due to the live filming system in Korea, where shows sometimes even tape scenes on the day they air. The abrupt switch to a more linear storyline usually leaves me twisting myself into knots, trying to discover the layers of plot that don't actually exist. If my fellow clubber Cindy has second lead syndrome, I have perfect plot syndrome; we both hope and hope that this time things might be different, but in the end, we are usually left imagining an alternate ending. car I might actually be developing second lead syndrome, too. It's episode 14. I should be firmly in Byung Hoon's corner, given my general support for main leads. Yet Master is the male character who has changed the most and consistently acts heroically. He gave up that gangster life, opened a restaurant where he cooks delicious-looking pasta, acts with class even when ramming his car into that of a jerk, and he expresses his feelings openly. AND, if I'm understanding the preview for next week correctly, Master will try to give up everything toward which he has worked in order to save Min Young from Hannibal. In comparison Byung Hoon has returned to Korea, paid some bills, and moped around with puppets. I'm all for puppetry, but he needs to step up his game if he's going to compete with Master in terms of anything other than raw chemistry. Part of me wants to jump into the screen and have a heart-to-heart conversation with Min Young about why bumping into a guy a few times doesn't necessarily equal love and why she might appreciate someone equally direct about emotions as Master. Anyone else wanting to give Min Young some advice before heading into the final two episodes, when she will (presumably) make her choice? Btw: did anyone else hold their breath after Min Young's confession, waiting for the inevitable excuses and back-pedaling? When she owned her words and her feelings I felt so much relief. This story's emotional hero is actually a heroine. Min Young made it clear from early in the series that she may have had her heart broken in the past, but she isn't embarrassed or regretful. We've got two episodes left--is that enough time for Byung Hoon to work through his issues and earn episode 16 happiness or does Master actually have a chance? I'm suddenly imagining an end where Min Young realizes that Master is her kind of guy and Sherlock backs away from the couple and acts as the fairy godfather because he still needs to spend some time watching Oprah and doing yoga or something to get to the point where he's ready for love--is there any way this could happen? dramafever giveaway Before I go off to dream up ever-crazier endings for Cyrano, I want to announce the latest k-drama night giveaway that I'm co-sponsoring with Dramafever on my main blog at To make life after Dating Agency: Cyrano less sad for one lucky fan, we’ve put together a k-drama night kit filled with fun Dramafever logo goods and some of the delicious Korean food you've seen on your favorite shows. One winner will receive a Dramafever logo shirt; a Dramafever bag; Dramafever M&Ms; and a box filled with six different kinds of Korean ramyun and other tasty treat such as Pepero sticks along with a a paper-cloth caviar face mask. 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