These two episodes sure were filled with everything from intense coworker jealousy to marriage fantasies. Come join Wendilynn, Amy and I as we discuss episodes 21 and 22 of Dear Mom!

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Wendilynn: I am really loving Yi Wan and Xiao Fei slow build of a relationship, but I was really excited by the accidental lip touch that we got while he was sick in bed. I find it amazing he has no clue how much she means to him. lol

Debo: Haha. There was definitely a lot of squealing going on in that part! Also, I just always feel so bad for Mad Dog Qin.

Wendilynn: Yes, Mad Dog Qin loves it though. He gets upset if he doesn’t get a death threat once a day. lol I love that he got that beating after poisoning Xiao Fei with the seashells. He totally deserved it. Xiao fei has been really patient with his and his mom’s antics.

Amy: I thought the beating was hilarious! I think it is adorable how invested Mad Dog Qin is in their relationship and not just because he is being told to help them along. It is nice to see a relationship progress naturally and I think that they’re too cute together.

Wendilynn: He’s so earnest in his desire to help them whether they want him too or not that it sort of makes his annoying behavior adorable. He is /CLEARLY/ the comic relief of the show.

Debo: He is! But his meeting with the sisters’ cousin seems slightly to hint at a romance and I hope it actually does happen!

Amy: I’m hoping the same thing, Debo! I got excited when they met each other and when she just left him during his little speech it was too funny. I think she needs someone like him after her last relationship. He is very loyal and earnest. Ha ha!

Wendilynn: Yes, he’ll be very loyal once some girl catches him. But he’s not even looking in that direction with how single minded he is toward Xiao Fei’s relationship.

Amy: I have a feeling he won’t be able to leave them alone even after they start a relationship. Someone has to make sure they create a baby right?

Debo: lol. All of their relationship milestones just fall onto Crazy Dog Qin. Honestly this is how I feel about him as of now (If you replace Tomoda with Crazy Dog Qin)

Wendilynn: ROFL!! Love the GIF. Gangster Mommy is on a mission to see Yi Wan pregnant as soon as possible. Poor Crazy Dog Qin will bear the brunt of the responsibility. If he could steal Xiao Fei’s sperm and inject Yi Wan on the sly, you know Gangster Mommy would make him do it.

Debo: Scary but true. But now that the stage has been set up for a relationship between Xiao Fei and Yi Wan, I feel like it will (hopefully) only be a few more episodes before they confess ><

Amy: Sigh. I think it might be longer but only because they seem to switch focus to other characters every few episodes. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long!

Wendilynn: I think after Xiao Fei talked to Shan Ming, he is a lot closer to understanding what it means to like someone. Having never fallen in love before, he has no idea what the markers are for such a thing.

Debo: I know. I think the dynamics of their budding relationship is really sweet. As Xiao Fei said, he does not know anything about love since he prides himself on being such a logical person and he is now being exposed to it because of Shan Ming and his feelings for Yi Wan. Yi Wan, on the other hand, is this innocent yet sweet character who is looking for fairytale romance but discovering that her love might not fall that way.

Amy: I guess it is a learning experience for both of them. I don’t think any relationship goes the way you imagine it will. You have to work with the person you love.

Wendilynn: What cracked me up is that this is where Yi Wan really starts to understand the misunderstandings that Xiao Fei is dealing with. Their “conversation” about how Xiao Fei will clear things up before they find themselves in a park being married was hilarious. Crazy Dog Qin with that cupid bow just slayed me.

Debo: Haha. Indeed! As for Qing Qing/Xu Ji Kuan/Xiao Fei’s assistant’s love triangle are starting to grow as well. It’s fairly obvious that Qing Qing’s feeling’s for Xiao Fei’s assistant are purely platonic while Qing Qing and Ji Kuan are struggling for their growing feelings for each other.

Amy: Yeah. Ji Kuan tried to treat Qing Qing like a normal employee for a little while after she came back to work but he had trouble holding back. It looked like Qing Qing was so conflicted trying to hide her feelings for him but wanting his attention at the same time.

Wendilynn: I still feel sorry for Shan Ming. He is so head over heels in love with Qing Qing. He lost some brownie points though for cluing her mom in that she’d been in the hospital. But learning that he’s from her mom’s hometown was a bit of a trip. I wonder if that will come in handy later on.

Amy: I’m sure that it will! Mom is already really excited that he is a nice guy AND from her hometown. I don’t think that it will influence Qing Qing at all but Mom is on his side for sure and she probably won’t stop talking about him for a good while. Ha ha!

Debo: That’s totally what I think will happen, Amy. I think Mom will keep pushing Qing Qing to go on a date with Shan Ming and either they will hit it off and Qing Qing will realize how great of a guy he is or Shan Ming will realize that even though he has feelings for Qing Qing they probably will never be reciprocated.

Amy: Yeah. You’re probably right Debo. I have a feeling it will be the latter but you never know. She may realize how great of a guy he is and develop feelings for him after she has resolved her feelings for her boss but I assume that will take a lot of time since she appears to be in deep for him.

Wendilynn: Qing Qing will have to get her boss worked out of her system first. Right now, both are fighting the growing attraction between them. On the flip side, Xiao Xi is busy crying herself senseless moaning over why her boyfriend isn’t as gung-ho to marry her as she is him. Can’t imagine why the guy is running away. lol

Debo: Yeah, I do feel bad though for Xiao Xi. She has this whole fantasy view of their relationship and now she is slowly starting to see the reality of it and it’s truly hitting her hard.

Amy: I did think it was funny when her sisters were telling her that any man in college would get scared if their girlfriend started talking about marriage. The poor girl just didn’t get it! She definitely has some growing up to do.

Wendilynn: Lets hope she grows up for the better. Which, given the loving nature of her family, seems a good bet.

Debo: I definitely feel like she will. Finally, I’m very glad with what the Mom said about how girls shouldn’t have to wait around for guys to ask them out. As long as the girl likes the guy she should definitely go for it. And I hope Yi Wan learns from that!

Amy: I love Mom. She gives the best advice and she’s so caring. I agree with her too. I don’t see why a girl should wait for a guy to ask her out. The worst that will happen is he will say no and you have to move on. It isn’t that big of a deal.

Now, it’s your turn. What did you guys think about these two episodes? How do you feel things will continue next time? 

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