Welcome, Dear Mom drama clubbers! Let’s talk about Yi Wan and Xiao Fei’s budding relationship, Jerry and his An Qing, and Qing Qing’s attraction to her boss.


Amy: Well, the beginning of episode five was quite interesting! Qing Qing and her boss got locked in the stairwell of their office building, drank some wine, and did some dancing. There is definitely an attraction on both ends going on there.

Debo: Indeed. Xu Ji Kuan seems to be more intuned with his feelings than Qing Qing is though. He seems to be recognizing them a lot more than she is. Also, the fact that Qing Qing is actually friends with Ji Kuan’s wife makes this “relationship” even more complicated.

Wendilynn: At first I was all set to dislike him, just on general principle, but I don’t think he’s a bad guy. I was reassured when Qing Qing was talking to his wife. However, it was clear that the wife was having Qing Qing watch out for her husband more than she should. I got the feeling that he’s the neglected one in the relationship. That doesn’t help in this situation.

Amy: For sure. I’m hoping Ji Kuan will keep their relationship innocent but he is definitely aware that Qing Qing likes him and he is tempted. When Qing Qing was talking to his wife it was so awkward. What about Yi Wan though? Do you think she’ll ever catch on that Xiao Fei likes her? It was adorable when he showed up with her keychain!


Debo: I think Yi Wan definitely is getting the hints that Xiao Fei is dropping but at this time she is still trying to figure out whether or not it’s just from his personality seems he seems like a relatively friendly person to everyone around him or if he is actually interested in her. I really hope they get together soon though because I just think they are so cute together (and I also have a slight crush on Xiao Fei right now. Haha)

Wendilynn: He’s definitely crush worthy.

Amy: I have a crush on Xiao Fei too but it is very obvious. Ha ha! I felt so bad for Jerry during these two episodes. He is having such a hard time adjusting to life without his dad not to mention being in a completely different country. I kind of understand why An Qing hasn’t said anything about her divorce but I wish she’d speak up already so that she could get some support and her family would be more sensitive to how Jerry is feeling as well.


Wendilynn: I can understand a little bit why she’s not saying anything, but there is so much more suffering involved by keeping quiet. Jerry would be having trouble no matter what. Christmas traditions he can’t do with his Dad anymore would be hard whether they knew or not.

Debo: Same. But I think the issue right now is that since Taiwanese are more traditional (but Taiwanese are becoming more and more open) there is still a belief that marriage will last forever, even though more and more Taiwanese weddings do end in divorce (but not to the rates that American weddings do). So I think it may also be an issue of pride and the fact that she does not want to let down her family. I know I’ve kept quite a few things from my parents that I probably should have told them because I felt that what I would tell them would let them down. But yes, I do feel bad for Jerry. He isn’t getting the support that he could have gotten if only his relatives understood his current family situation.

Amy: Yes. I totally get the pride and traditionalism but they’re going to find out sooner or later so she might as well just say it. I think since An Qing got a job it will help her build her confidence again and so that she’ll feel better about herself and the decisions that she’s made.

Debo: Indeed. Her family might find out when they see her working at the gym one day. But I want to see how long it takes for the rest of the family to be suspicious of her day to day activities (apart from the mom who is worried from the very beginning).

Wendilynn: She’s a good mom. A really good mom.


Amy: Their mom is so adorable. She is so in tune with her kids and what they are doing and feeling. That’s a good mama right there. Her girls treat her pretty well too when she isn’t questioning them too much. Hee hee!

Debo: Indeed. Her mom reminds me so much of my grandma because every time we go back to Taiwan, no matter where we go or how long we stay out, my grandma will always call at least once to make sure where we are and if we doing well.

Amy: We didn’t get to hear much about their dad and how his organic vegetable business is starting out but there was a scene where everyone was going crazy trying to buy organic eggs that were on sale. Maybe that is a sign of good things to come for him. He really wants to provide for his family and he even said he wants to make his wife love him again. Aww!


Wendilynn: Its tough when you know your spouse doesn’t really respect you. She’ll never leave him, but you can tell she feels he’s a hassle to their lives more often than not. And that’s hard for a husband to deal with. He knows he’s letting them down.

Debo: Yes, I feel like an organic vegetable business could probably grow really well, but the start up will probably be difficult and they will probably run into a lot of issues in the beginning. And yes, I think it’s so adorable how he just to feel like he is able to provide for his wife again. He just wants to make sure she’s happy! And I’m super excited to find out Xiao Xi’s love interest because it says Jack Li will be it and he’s really cute as well. Haha.

Amy: Yes! I really want to meet him already! They sound like a cute couple just from their phone calls together so I want to see them interact. Well, as long as Xiao Xi doesn’t get too whiney. Ha ha ha!

Wendilynn: I seriously doubt Jack’s character is the one she’s being all gushy with on the phone. I personally find it hilarious that they are going to be partnered up in this drama because their characters in Fall In Love With Me ended up together too. Their chemistry was really good.

Debo: I actually don’t think that Xiao Xi and her current boyfriend will end up together if DramaWiki is any indication! :X

Amy: Wah! That makes me sad. I guess we’ll have to find out for ourselves. 

What do you think drama clubbers? Will Qing Qing and Ji Kuan's relationship progress past infatuation? What about Yi Wan and Qiao Fei? Do you think Dad's vegetable business will be successful? Let us know in the comments below!

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